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Debut Series 1-75: Kids' Cars of the Year
Produced 2002 - 2016
Number MB537

Thie Limousine has been issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB66 2002 1-75: Kids' Cars of the Year 2/10 Black White Matchbox logo Chrome / Plastic Black Dark Gray 95258 (USA) 96837 (ROW) China
N/A 2002 Launchers "Car Transporter" Grey White Matchbox logo Chrome / Plastic Smoke Blue China
N/A 2002 Across America Bonus Models: Washington, D. C. White WASHINGTON D.C. Chrome / Plastic Smoke Blue China
N/A 2002 Collectibles: Masters of the Universe Metalflake Purple Skeleton head and crossbones, Skeletor Chrome / Plastic Smoke Blue 91018 China
MB32 2003 1-75: Hero City Airport 2/5 Metalflake Silver "VIP Shuttle", "32", White stripe, Blue fade lower section Black / Plastic Smoke White 97727 (USA) 97835 (ROW) China
N/A 2003 Collectibles: The Osbournes Black The Osbournes Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray 91381 China
N/A 2004 Around the World: Hollywood 21/45 Black HOLLYWOOD Grey / Plastic Smoke Red C0747 China
N/A 2005 Mario Kart 64 Metalflake Steel Blue Mario, penguins, mountains Chrome / Plastic Smoke Red H5972 China
N/A 2006 Hitch 'n Haul: Speed Bump Black Gray and Red sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke J4683 China
N/A 2007 Playset: Car Wash White / Black None Chrome / Plastic Smoke Grey K7785 China
N/A 2008 Playset: Transporter Dark Blue Silver and White on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Gray Thailand
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Haunted House Flat Gray Ghost Rides, Do You Dare to Take a Ride?, bat silhouettes Black / Plastic Green Tint Black M0147 Thailand
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Scooby-Doo! Yellow Scooby-Doo & Shaggy Grey / Plastic Blue Tint White M0172 Thailand Base code(s): A40
N/A 2009 Playset: Transporter Metalflake Charcoal Gray lights on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray Thailand
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Disney Turquoise Captain Hook & Peter Pan Grey / Plastic Clear Black R0614 Thailand
N/A 2011-2013 Playset: Car Wash Blue White stripe Grey / Plastic Smoke Black K7785 China Thailand Base code(s): F29
N/A 2013 5-Pack: Airport Metalflake Charcoal Airport MBX VIP Black / Plastic Smoke Grey Y2633 Thailand Base code(s): F37
N/A 2016 5-Pack: City Dark Maroon Gold and Black stripes, mbx LUX, Car 22 Black / Plastic Smoke Grey DJY04 Thailand Base code(s): J32, J33
Base code(s): J45

Limousine, Matchbox, 2016

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100 Mercedes, Brezhnev's limousine and a toy for 2700 euros: how adults from Grodno play cars

Grodno citizen Dmitry Sidor has about a hundred Mercedes. Among them are Brezhnev's limousine and a blue Formula 1 trailer.

All cars are collectible, only 18 times smaller than the real ones. Sergey Nerad has about 900 models, including patrol cars from more than 60 countries of the world, which fit on several shelves.

Brezhnev's limousine was reduced by 18 times

Grodno residents have been collecting copies of cars for more than twenty years. Small models are almost no different from the original ones: they have an engine, gearbox, wheels, leather interior.

- Everything is done millimeter by millimeter: trunk, hood, doors that open. The refrigerator works, - Dmitry jokes and continues to tell: - Seat belts, a spare wheel, suitcases in the trunk, even fabric curtains on the windows. An exact copy of the original, only in a reduced size.

For the past five years, the collector has been collecting Mercedes of the twentieth century in 1:18 scale. For example, the Mercedes-Pulman 600 in the dealer version is made of 409 parts and with curtains on the windows. The car was also produced with a semi-folding roof. Many leaders of states had such a machine, including the Secretary General of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev. Dmitry bought a model for 250 euros, and now he is offered to sell it three times more expensive, but he does not want to part with it.

There is even a Mercedes-Benz W21-6568 in the collection - an exact copy of the blue trailer that transported cars of Formula 1 participants to the race sites. It is known from history that there were only two real cars. After the fire at the Mercedes plant, the trailers were disposed of. The only restored "blue miracle" in 1:1 scale is now in the museum in Stuttgart. There is also the first three-wheeled model of Mercedes in the collection - a motorized carriage of 1886.

The most common scale is 1:43, but the smallest, smaller than a matchbox, is 1:87.

- Collectors used to buy German railways and make dioramas with crossings, semaphores, houses. Small cars were produced for these dioramas, - Sergei tells Vecherniy Grodno. - Of course, you can assemble cars in 1:1 scale if you have a lot of money (laughs).

At auctions they sit until two in the morning

New copies are searched mainly on the Internet at auctions and manufacturers' websites. Sometimes, friends from abroad bring.

- There are such cars, the prices for which at auctions start from the ruble, and then grow. You wait for the auction to end, sometimes you sit until two in the morning to offer the highest price. Won. Then you wait 12-15 days for the machine to arrive. You worry about how the package will arrive. And then you open the box, look, admire, show it to your relatives, only very carefully ... - Dmitry says with tenderness.

As a rule, they buy cars abroad, since there are no shops in Belarus, let alone manufacturers. True, a parcel with valuable goods does not always reach the addressee.

- I paid $110 for two models from America plus $40 for shipping, but they never arrived, says the collector. Toy for 2700 euros The price, as a rule, depends on the circulation and scale. But sometimes even at a scale of 1:43 a model is more expensive than at 1:18.

- In the Soviet Union, one collectible car cost three and a half rubles, and ice cream - 12 kopecks. We saved on school breakfasts, - Sergey recalls.

One of the most expensive models produced in the Soviet Union is the Olympic flame escort car, made on the basis of the RAF minibus. It was released in only 700 copies for the Olympics-80. The model was presented to the members of the delegations, something went on sale. Now at auction the price of a reduced copy reaches two thousand dollars.

- There is one Mercedes model, the circulation of which is only 196 copies. For three years, it was sold on the Internet only once, then the amount reached 2,700 euros,” Dmitry said.

According to collectors, even small cars are forged and sold for fabulous money. But a true collector, Dmitry believes, will notice that the letter was not like that, the beacon, for example, was not there, even the license plate should match the real one. Therefore, in the original model, the manufacturer makes some kind of "squiggle" by which you can distinguish the original from the fake. Each machine comes with a mini-passport with a number and a series. These pieces of paper may not exist, but without them the price of the machine will drop dramatically.

Cars "get sick" with the plague

Sergey has homemade cars in his collection. For example, the patrol Skoda Octavia of the special unit of the traffic police "Delta" with tail number 540.

- Sometimes you buy, you look, it seems like nothing, but it would look better in a "police" color. You start to redo - you wash off the paint, putty, primer, then paint again in the desired color, make flashing lights, antennas, moldings, wipers, - says Sergey. - But in order to remake, you need inspiration. Therefore, some cars wait in line for six months.

Sergey keeps about 900 patrol cars at home

Now Sergey is working on a modular model of the iconic Soviet car Pobeda GAZ M-20 in 1:8 scale, 60 cm long. brake pedal - rear brake lights light up, open the door - you can raise and lower the glass, turn the steering wheel - the wheels turn.

It is noteworthy that cars also "get sick" - the so-called zinc plague: they crumble and turn into powder.

"At the same time, there is a small Volga GAZ-21, it is all sick with the plague, but even in this form they pay a lot of money for it," Dmitry added.

Now he is working on a Mercedes-123, specially "rusting" it, scratching it and thus creating the appearance of a working car.

Collectors are planning to organize an exhibition. However, there is currently no such opportunity in the city. They say that special glass boxes are needed so that the cars can be viewed from all sides without touching, since the parts are fragile and can break. It is important that the room has video surveillance, because small cars are easy to hide in your pocket.

Radio-controlled models in the AutoGrodno catalog.


Read also:

Grodno has collected the largest collection of police car models in Belarus and exhibited it in the traffic police museum
The traffic police museum will open in Grodno. Video. Photo.


Unique news about Grodno can be found on the pages of Vecherka:

Matchbox Riddle read online by Sally Gardner (Page 4)

Chapter Five

Herbie Snewell came to Deep Log in the first place to collect his wings. Years ago, he regretted giving them away to a miracle shop. Now that Chicken, as he called his ex-wife, has turned into a purple rabbit, and her henchman witch lamp has lost its power, the danger is over. It was this changeable wind of fate that brought Herbie to the city.

Herbie was looking in the mirror in his motel room, adjusting his wide-brimmed hat and brushing an invisible speck of dust from his jacket. Wings & Co. needs a new boss. And let that cat reel the fishing rods and fail.

If Fidget had any idea, thought Herbie, things would have turned out differently. It's not Herbie's fault that the Wizarding Wars broke out. He just abandoned the witch and went on the run. And for that matter, he is a victim - after all, Garpella must have bewitched him, otherwise he would never have been seduced by such a crazy person. He had no intention of getting married at all.

When the Magic Wars broke out, Herbie had another passion. She did not belong to the fairy world, and Herbie was very surprised that their daughter was born with wings. He had to take his new lover and child away from the angry witch and her witch's lamp.

Garpella's ex-husband put his and his daughter's wings in a box and left it outside the door of the Miracle Shop with a note: "Take care of them."

After that, life completely turned upside down until he settled in the States. But this is all an old story.

Herbie turned away from the mirror and looked at his collection of three hundred and sixty-four matchbox-sized cars. Still, he wanted to get a few more copies. For starters, a white van used by construction workers to haul materials, and an impressive black limousine used by movie stars. But most of all he dreamed of a red fire engine.

The sound of a passing motor scooter came from the street, and Herbie rushed to the window. Past, shining with chrome, a blue Vespa swept past.

I want one, thought Herbie Snievelle. “It's a classic.” He holstered the water pistol and grinned. It's nice to be back home.

In a locked garage in the village of Bosford, thieves Fierce and Puffy were counting the money they had stolen from the factory at night.

"Sparsely," said Fierce, a wiry man with a shiny bald head and an eternal smile that never left his face, even when he was angry.

Puffy was larger, with a shapeless, plasticine-like face, but he had a razor-sharp mind. He was well versed in technology and was known as a skilled burglar.

Crazy Dinosaur was moving across the floor of the garage - the most superb toy they stole from Crazy.

- Let's drive these bells and whistles - it will turn out to be a tidy sum, - said Fierce. Any idea what this thing is for?

Puffy put the dinosaur on the workbench next to the mop that the criminals found in the parking lot off Route 94. He realized that this was not an ordinary household broom: a bicycle saddle was attached to the handle, and purple sparks fell from time to time from the bristles.

Deciding to fix the saddle better so it wouldn't wobble, Puffy discovered a lever underneath. The robber pressed it and suddenly a rainbow firework burst out from under the bristles, Puffy's hands stuck to the handle of the broom, and it began to circle him around the garage, crashing into the walls and the door and making a terrible roar.

- Well, you give! Luty shouted. “Let’s call the whole district here.

- I have nothing to do with it! - Puffy shouted in response.

Finally he let go of the broom and fell to the floor. The mop slowed down, stopped and stood up straight by itself.

“Look,” Puffy was surprised. “Maybe it’s a witch’s broom?”

“No,” Fierce shook his head. - The witches have brooms with rods, and here is an ordinary mop. It's most likely from a prop for a movie like Harry Potter. That's why the bristles are pink. It must have fallen out of the set truck.

Puffy did not agree with him:

— I understand technology: there is no mechanism in this broom. So, smart guy, I ask you: how does it work?

Mop seemed to be following the conversation. Moreover, she began to follow Fierce on his heels.

“Make her get rid of me,” he said to the accomplice.

“I can’t,” Puffy answered. “The mop has a mind of its own.

Fierce turned pale.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said.

With great difficulty, they pushed the resisting mop into the pantry and loaded into Puffy's white Ford van with the inscription on the side:


Fierce and Puffy


As they drove away from the garage, they heard the mop trying to get out of the closet.

— Are you absolutely sure that there is no mechanism in it? Fierce asked as they pulled onto the highway.

“Absolutely,” Puffy confirmed.

Chapter Six

It's been an incredibly hectic day at the Miracle Shop. The keys, usually very reluctant to open the drawers of carved chests of drawers, suddenly bit the bit and began to unlock the locks one by one. A librarian, two teachers, an accountant and six singers from the choir found their wings.

- They pulled me out of class! grumbled the mathematics teacher from Wales. “I can’t abandon students whenever someone pleases!”

Before he flew very hesitantly in the direction of his school, Buster had to give him a master class on the use of wings.

The physical education teacher has not lost her flying skill. She was in good physical shape and was excited about the return of the wings, but she needed to get back to basketball practice as a matter of urgency.

The chorus girls rejoiced the most. They had been friends for a long time, and each suspected that the others were also fairies, but neither dared to mention it. Their appearance turned into a holiday, which ended only at four o'clock, when the ladies with songs flew off to the Albert Hall.

— What a fun day! It’s like they brought pickled mackerel,” said Fidget. - Where's Buster?

— Went to the roof to see the choir off, — Emily replied.

- Then it's time to take a nap. - And Fidget went to the living room.

Emily followed him.

— May I ask you? she said to the cat as he collapsed into his favorite chair.

Fidget sniffed.

— What is it? Emily was worried.

— The air clearly smells of fried food, — Fidget said. - If you understand what I drag in the nets.

“Not really,” Emily replied. - If I were a fairy, maybe I would understand you.

“Don’t worry about that,” Fidget said yawning.

"I wanted to ask…" Emily began.

But Fidget was already purring in his sleep.

Emily lay down on the couch and dozed off too, but suddenly they were both awakened by a jolt.

- What is it? Emily asked.

The house began to shake.

- Buddley and viper bow! exclaimed Fidget. - I thought so! We are in big trouble!

When Fidget and Emily went down to the shop to find out what had happened, the doorbell rang. In response, the walls of the house groaned.

A man in a blue pinstripe suit, a wide-brimmed hat, and black and white shoes stood in the dim alley.

- Smoked barracuda! Look who was brought by the surf! - Fidget muttered.

"That's how you meet an old friend," Herbie Snievelle said as he pushed his way through the door unceremoniously.

— You are not my friend! You can go to hell in your tasteless shoes!

- I hurry and fall. I won't move until my wings are given back to me.

— Did you come for wings?

— Yes, I left them here for safekeeping. And my daughter's wings too.

The cat is furious. His fur stood on end, making him look huge.

- You won't get anything, stinking shark!

- But you don't have to be rude. Drive my wings!

"It won't work," Emily put in.

— And what is this pot-bellied little thing? Herbie frowned.

"This is Emily Vole, current Key Keeper," Fidget explained.

— Shine. Make the keys open the drawer, baby, and quickly give me my wings.

- That won't work. Keys unlock drawers only when they are in the mood.

"So you're not a Guardian," said Herbie. “Stop leading me by the nose. Give me this miserable bunch of pieces of iron, I'll be able to deal with them. Get moving or I'll get angry. And when Herbie Snivelle is angry...

— You have no right to threaten Emily. Get out this minute! demanded Fidget.

Herbie went up to Fidget and put his face close to the cat's muzzle:

— And you, flea-ridden nonentity, better get out of town!

At that moment the house rose on its strong iron legs and shook itself like a dog from water. Emily and Fidget barely managed to grab onto the counter, and the house leaned over so that Herbie Snievelle flew out the door and landed on the sidewalk.

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