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Top Shelf Limousine is proud to be locally owned and is dedicated in serving the San Antonio metro area with the finest livery service in the Texas.  We are available for a variety of services including special events, proms, parties, airport transportation to SAT, corporate events, Hill County Wine Tours, Spurs Games, and much more.  

We’ll help you have that great event and experience that you deserve by making your limo service the best that it can be.

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Let’s face it, driving in central Texas can be a pain, let our driving professionals take the burden off you so you can concentrate on more important matters while we get you to your destination in style.

Whether its day to day errands or special events, Top Shelf has it covered.  All at a price that is surprising reasonable.

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Having a vehicle that matches your event or special occasion is not only convenient, but also FUN. From a variety of limousines and party buses to choose from, you are sure to find a ride that fits your needs just right.

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Airport Livery 

Traveling on an airplane can be stressful.  Besides the tickets, packing, lodging, and everything else that comes with travel, travelers need to contend with the logistics of getting to the airport itself.

Take a big part out of the stress equation and trust a limousine service like Top Shelf Limo Service to get you to and from the airport.  

Top Shelf Limousine goes out of our way to serve San Antonio's livery needs the best way we know how:  with exceptional, unmatched service.  Why?  We know our customers are what make our business sustainable.  Without you, we're nothing.  That's why "We treat every client like they're the most important person in the world".

It's our mission statement and it's served us well.  Just take a look at what our customers have to say about our services...

This is the best limo service in San Antonio, bar-none. Simply reliable always on time friendly drivers. Ive been using them for years and will continue to do so.

Anne Olson 

via Google

We have used your service several times mainly for airport services, while visiting San Antonio for business. We have founds your drivers to be very professional, and your cars to be immaculate.  Keep up the good work...

Connie Sullivan

The driver and planner that Top Shelf provided for our daughters Prom was well above what I expected.  They showed up on time, kept the night on schedule and made sure everyone was safe and accounted for at every step.  Thanks again...

Julie A. Moore

When you hire San Antonio's Top Shelf Limousines, we ensure your complete satisfaction through a process we call “Top Shelf Service.”  We arrive in the vehicle you selected from our limousine service fleet (no “bait and switch”)

In short, our Top Shelf Service is the hallmark of all we do – and is your service guaranteed. ..

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When you hire San Antonio's Top Shelf Limousines, we ensure your complete satisfaction through a process we call “Top Shelf Service.”

We arrive in the vehicle you selected from our limousine service fleet (no “bait and switch”

In short, our Top Shelf Service is the hallmark of all we do – and is your service guaranteed...

  • We arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time
  • Our chauffeurs are professionally dressed and provide the highest quality service
  • Your vehicle is immaculate and stocked with bottled water for your comfort and convenience

We excel at keeping existing customers happy.  We know once you've used our services you'll want to tell your friends.  

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Our Fleet – Top Shelf Limo Service

Top Shelf Limousine offers a wide variety of transportation options to tailor our service with your specific needs.  Whether you’re looking a shuttle to the airport or a large party bus for a concert, Top Shelf has the perfect vehicle option to fit your unique requirement.

Our full-size Cadillac XTS luxury sedan features dual-zone automatic air conditioning and full leather upholstery. It’s 3.6 liter, V6 engine offer over 300 horsepower and is complemented with a comprehensive safety package including stability control, anti-lock braking, as well as front and rear side curtain airbags.

Top Shelf Limousine in San Antonio offers fully customized Car Services in Central Texas. Contact us for sedan rate quotes and availability!

**Amenities may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Please make sure to confirm specific requests during booking**

The Chevy Suburban is a classic among Sports-Utility-Vehicles. The Suburban features a big and blocked exterior which equals massive amounts of interior space. The Chevy Suburban carries 6 passengers with a large back compartment for luggage. A big coil-spring suspension ensures superb ride quality.

Top Shelf Limousine offers full service SUV Service in Central Texas. Contact us for rate quotes and availability!

**Amenities may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Please make sure to confirm specific requests during booking***

Mercedes’ Sprinter Van provides a luxurious ride for up to 13 passengers. Spacious side doors make entry and exit a breeze and passenger will enjoy the extended head and leg room.

“In the U.S., Mercedes-Benz is best known for it luxury sedans, but worldwide the company’s work trucks and vans earn equal praise. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are a complete line of work trucks and passenger vans that have the capacity and muscles to handle just about any big job. So versatile is the Sprinter that it is now being used for RV conversions, emergency medical vehicles and even utility trucks. With a choice of two diesel engines, two wheelbases, three roof heights and available 4-wheel drive (4WD), Mercedes-Benz’s Sprinter van has a leg up on competitors like the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster and Nissan NV.” Kelly Blue Book Review.

Top Shelf Limousine offers Van and Shuttle Services in Central Texas. Contact us for rate quotes and availability!

**Amenities may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Please make sure to confirm specific requests during booking**

The Lincoln Town Car is the epitome of the classic american stretch limo, and has traveled across the globe as symbol of luxury and success. This beautiful limousine is well known for its stylish appearance, 5 star safety rating, and spaciously roomy interior. Passengers never hear road noise or the vehicle’s powerful V8 engine due to the well-insulated cabin.

The vehicle comes fully loaded with entertainment options and tons of amenities like plush bar, fiber optic lighting, moon roof, and mirrored ceiling. Privacy features include automated divider as well as digital communications. With 120″ length and classic “L” shaped bench, it offers seating for up to 8 passengers.

Top Shelf Limousine offers full Limousine Service in Central Texas. Contact us now for rate quotes and availability!

**Amenities may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Please make sure to confirm specific requests during booking**

The 24 passenger Limo Party Bus represents finest in luxury group transportation. This nightclub on wheels offers state of the art technology and entertainment. Its sleek black exterior is simply a disguise for the unlimited fun held within the interior. Beautiful wood floors greet guests as they make themselves at home on wrap around black ostrich leather seating. Fiber optic lighting, flat screen plasma TVs, DVD players, CD and MP3 connections all channel through  a surround sound audio system that will have your group partying in style.

With multiple wet bars and ample cup holders, there no need to crowd and stretch to reach an ice chest. The Limo Party Bus must be seen to be believed. Book this one of a kind vehicle for your next big party, and guests will forever talk about a night to remember! Call today for Limo Party Bus rates and availability.

**Amenities may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Please make sure to confirm specific requests during booking**


Our 56 passenger motor coaches offer reclining seats with plenty of leg room, and adjustable foot rests. Passengers will enjoy individual reading lights, restrooms, tinted picture windows for clear glare-free vision, complimentary WiFi,  and audio/video equipment including a PA System. The motor coach ensures a comfortable ride with heavy duty shocks  as well as climate-controlled air conditioning & heating.  When traveling on longer trips that require luggage, overhead racks allow for easy storage of carry-on bags and weather-proof luggage compartments provide massive amounts of “out  of the way” storage.

Mechanical advances allow the motor coach to both eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. It is among the cleanest modes of transportation on a per passenger basis. With ability to carry large groups, the motor coach can achieve over 180 passenger MPG. This means the motor coach is capable of over 80% improvement in fuel efficiency over a single passenger hybrid car.

These vehicles can be used for any occasion including sightseeing tours, church events, business excursions, sporting events, festival shuttles and family events like reunions and weddings.

Top Shelf Limousine offers Motor Coach Services in Central Texas. Contact us for rate quotes and availability!

**Amenities may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Please make sure to confirm specific requests during booking**

Flower Castle read online Rebecca Winters (Page 7)

“Let me help you undress, then you will fall asleep faster.” Philip began to pull her sweater over her head.

In the blink of an eye, Kelly came to her senses.

- No! she shouted, panicking. Pulling away from Philip, the girl pulled the sweater back, trying to hide her rounded belly.

She felt the mattress sag. Philip sat down on the bed and began stroking Kelly's back and shoulder.

- Kelly... I didn't mean to scare you. I just wished you were more comfortable.

The girl shuddered at his touch. Luckily, Philip thought she was shivering from the cold.

— T-thank you, but I'm more comfortable sleeping in my clothes. I'm warmer in a sweater. You go... I'll meet you in the morning before you leave for work.

“I am very tired,” he said. "Do you mind if I lie down on the couch?"

If Philip decided to stay with her in the tower, it means that he put a lot of strain on his knee and it began to hurt again. He obviously had a hard time while he carried Kelly to the bed. That's why his knee hurt.

“No,” she said, “of course I don't mind. On the top shelf, you can take my grandmother's quilt. Cover them.

For another moment, Philip touched her shoulder with his palm. Kelly wanted so badly to snuggle up to him! She waited for him to turn her face to him and press his lips to hers. Instead, Philip covered her with sheets. The girl buried herself in the pillow so as not to cry out in disappointment.

Just like that, holding back her thirst to hug Philip, Kelly fell into a heavy sleep. She woke up from a dream only late in the morning, when the sun was shining through the window. Kelly immediately thought of last night.

Philip spent the night with her in the same room!

Sitting up on the bed, she looked at the couch. Philip was not there. There was only a white quilt on the couch, which he covered himself with.

Kelly felt devastated when she realized that Phillip was gone when she should have felt differently. Last night he had almost learned of her plight. What if he figured it out?

Under no circumstances did Kelly want to do anything that would provoke Philip's wrath. After all, there are only six days left before the hearing. Upon learning of Kelly's pregnancy, Philippe can drive her away in their hearts, and then he will lose the only opportunity to get custody of Jean-Luc.

All Kelly could do was to work closely with the architect that Philip had hired. So at least she will be sure that her husband does not spend too much time alone with this woman!

As for Philip, let him go to his office.

* * *

Philippe and Kelly drove up to the Carrier's courthouse in a tinted limousine provided by Raul. As it turned out, it was the prince who convinced the judge to make the hearing closed to prying eyes and not let journalists into the hall.

So this is not the first time Raul has done Philip and Kelly a favor.

Honore met them at the entrance and led them into the almost empty courtroom.

Analise greeted them with a nod of her head, sitting in the seat allotted for her. Jean-Luc was not with her. Perhaps she left the child in the care of a neighbor.

Philippe and Kelly sat down at the table next to Honore. Opposite them, across the aisle, was Jean-Luc's father.

He was a dark-haired and definitely attractive man, not too tall. Philip seemed to have captured all the attention of the man. He didn't even listen to his lawyer.

Philip looked amazing. He was dressed in a tailored navy blue business suit. Kelly couldn't take her eyes off him.

There was no one else in the courtroom other than the people listed above and the deputy sheriff standing at the double doors.

Honoré leaned over to Kelly and whispered:

— Did I already tell you that you look great today?

Kelly was wearing a black woolen suit that successfully concealed her rounded tummy. Deciding to remove her hair from her face, she put it in a bun, which she tied with a black scarf.

Philip heard Honoré's compliment and turned to look at Kelly. It seemed that not a single detail of her dress escaped his gaze.

— Black always suits you, — said Philip.

Kelly blushed:

— Thank you both for your kind words.

- Are you nervous? Honoré asked her.

- You still ask!

“Everything will be fine,” the lawyer said.

For some unknown reason, only Philip looked calm. He seemed to know something that others didn't. It seemed that Philip was an ordinary spectator.

The deputy sheriff ordered everyone to stand up.

Kelly looked at the judge as he entered through the double doors. He was about sixty years old. He settled into his chair, put on his glasses, and thanked the two lawyers who came to the hearing. The process was in French.

The judge announced the reason why everyone present had gathered in the courtroom, then invited Honore to introduce her client, who would be asked questions.

Kelly clasped her hands under the table to stop them from shaking. While Philip walked to the place designated for interrogation, she quietly prayed. As soon as the husband sat down, Honore approached him.

“Monsieur Didier,” the lawyer began, “the court knows all the details of this case. There is irrefutable proof that you are not Jean-Luc's father. However, you claim custody of him. Can you explain to the court why you are insisting on custody?

Philip leaned forward slightly.

— When Yvette came to my office, she was already eight months pregnant. In time, her pregnancy coincided with the time of our meeting in Chamonix, where I spent the night with her. I quickly came to terms with the fact that I would become a father. After the accident, Yvette was very weak, so I did not insist on a DNA test. Besides, I myself was recovering from knee surgery at the time, and she needed rest. It wasn't until Jean-Luc was born two weeks too late that I realized that I couldn't father the child. The last time I spoke to Yvette, she begged me to love him. Perhaps she had a premonition that she would die.

Phillip's voice trembled, causing a lump in Kelly's throat.

- I did not see the child until Madame Boiteau, his grandmother, allowed me and my wife to see him. I realized that Jean-Luc was not my son when I first looked at him, but that doesn't matter. I fell in love with him and really want to be his father. When the DNA test showed a negative result, it also became indifferent to me. As my wife said, the child is innocent and needs love. And that's why I hope to get legal custody of him.

— Thank you, monsieur. For now, these are all questions.

Kelly lowered her head, trying to control her emotions. When Philip took his place at the table, the judge called Father Jean-Luc, but Kelly's thoughts were elsewhere.

She wanted so much to touch her husband that she extended her hand to him. Philip squeezed her wrist.

Another lawyer got to his feet and began to question Jean-Luc's father.

- Dr. Brusha, the court has learned that you and Yvette Buato loved each other. Tell the court about your relationship with her.

- Ivette was already working at the veterinary clinic when I came there. After work, we began to spend more and more time in my apartment. I loved her. At some point, I said that I want to marry her and start a family with her. I didn't have a lot of money, but I could provide for her a comfortable existence. She said that she would respond to my proposal after she returned from a trip to Chamonix, where she was going to ski. I begged her not to take a vacation during this time, because I myself worked at the clinic for a short period and could not go with her. However, she said that she had planned this trip even before she met me. Skiing was her passion: Before leaving for the mountains, she confessed her love to me and asked me to be patient, What else could I answer then? I agreed to her condition. After returning from a trip, she said that she met a man who changed her life.

Kelly could understand Yvette's feelings. She already knew what effect Philip could have on a woman.

— She said that if she did not marry that man, she would remain unmarried for the rest of her life...

The veterinarian suddenly fell silent. It was difficult for him to speak. This man was not pretending. Kelly understood him. He truly loved Yvette. This was realized by both the judge and everyone present in the courtroom.

Kelly tilted her head. Such confessions must hurt Philip. She held out her hand to her husband again. This time he squeezed her hand and didn't let go.

- Yvette resigned me so quickly that I was taken aback. I haven't seen her since we broke up. A few months later, one of my friends told me that she had died. When Ivette's mother called me and told me about this child, I immediately went to her. At one glance at Jean-Luc, I realized that he was my son, my flesh and blood. I want to raise my own child, Your Honor.

He sobbed and fell silent. Philip squeezed Kelly's hand sharply. When he finally unclenched his fingers, he took out a ballpoint pen from his pocket, then wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Honore. He, having read it, stared at Philip for a brief moment in surprise, then smiled imperceptibly at him.

When the veterinarian was told that he could take his seat, Honore asked the judge to give his client a chance to speak. The judge nodded, ordered Philip to get up and speak without leaving the table.

“Your Honor,” said Philippe, “I would very much like to get custody of Jean-Luc, but after hearing the speech of his real father, Dr. Brush, I decided to give up my claims.

Kelly knew exactly what her husband would say. The veterinarian turned his head sharply towards Philip and looked at his recent rival in amazement.

- Now I want to talk about something that is not documented anywhere. I think Dr. Brush will feel a little better about what he hears. When my friend and I were in the mountains in Chamonix, there was an accident. We helped the skiers get out from under the snow blockages. Among the victims was Yvette.

Someone gasped loudly. It was Analyse.

Kelly looked at her. Apparently, Yvette never told her mother that she was on the verge of life and death.

Philip continued his story:

— I flew with her by helicopter to the clinic. Yvette was lucky, because she did not receive serious injuries, but she was very scared. After the experience, the poor girl was afraid to be alone, so I took her to the hotel and ordered dinner. I am talking about all this to the court in order to explain what really happened during those days we spent together. It is said that, ironically, the saved man falls in love with his savior. Yvette didn't love me, but she was grateful to me for saving her. I didn't like her either. She was a stranger to me, but I thank fate for giving me the opportunity to save Yvette's life. She left a wonderful heir - Jean-Luc. He is the son of a man who loved Yvette and wanted to start a family with her. Therefore, I consider myself no longer entitled to occupy your time, Your Honor. After consulting with my lawyer, I decided to withdraw the child custody request.


The judge called both lawyers to him. They talked quietly among themselves, then resumed their seats. The judge looked at Philip with admiration.

- The court wishes to thank Monsieur Didier for a decision that was not easy for him. I have no doubt that this little one could be happy with you and your wife. - The judge looked at the veterinarian: - Dr. Brusha, you heard the statement of Monsieur Didier. Court Orders: You have full custody of your son, Jean-Luc Brouchat. Congratulations! Judgment is over!

The next moment Analisa came up to the table where Philippe, Honore and Kelly were and held out her hands to Philippe. She had a tearful face.

— I didn't know you saved my daughter! Forgive me for being so cruel to you!

Philip hugged the woman.

“I have nothing to forgive you for,” he said.

- Can we still be friends? Analise looked at Philip and Kelly with pleading eyes.

“Of course.” Kelly hugged the older woman. "Thank you for letting my husband spend some time with Jean-Luc," she whispered. “It brought him joy. I will always be grateful to you.

Kelly saw Philip approach Dr. Brusha and shake his hand. She was again imbued with reverence for her noble husband.

“Now he won't divorce you for sure,” Aneliza whispered to the girl. You've been through so much!

"I... I'm afraid you're wrong," Kelly said.

— But what is the point of divorcing you now? Your husband loves you.

"He loved me once, Aneliza," the girl objected.

- Nonsense! That evening I spent with you, I saw everything. He could not take his eyes off his beloved wife!

— He was watching me because he suspected my visit to you. I felt some kind of conspiracy.

— I have not heard him complain about a bad family life.

— No. Phillip loved this baby as much as I did,” Kelly said.

— Then go home with him and console him. You will succeed. I hope you understand me.” Sparks lit up in the woman's eyes.

Kelly sighed to calm herself. She fell in love with Yvette's mother.

“I will,” she said without going into details. - Thanks for the advice. I'll call you sometime.

Kelly felt someone touch her arm. It was Honoré.

“Let's go,” he said. “While your husband is talking to Dr. Brusha, I will escort you to the limousine.

The girl did not keep herself waiting.

“Thank you for helping Philip,” she said, barely holding back her tears. I know he appreciates your support.

"I did it for both of you," Honore said.

You know what I mean.

- However, I'm not sure you know what I was thinking.

Kelly looked at Honoré in surprise.

I don't understand you.

They entered the underground parking lot. To her surprise, Philip's car was waiting for them. The parking attendant opened the car door for Kelly so that the girl could sit in the front passenger seat.

"Kelly..." Honore looked at her shrewdly. “Philip under no circumstances won this court case. Even his money wouldn't help him. And you, who proved yourself to be a loving wife, would not be able to help him in this.

Kelly was silent for a moment, contemplating his words.

- What are you talking about? she asked.

- You are a smart woman and you know what to do. I leave you my dear.

Honore leaned over, kissed Kelly on the cheek, then got into the limousine behind Philippe's car. While Kelly was recovering from her shock, she noticed her husband lightly walking towards the car.

Kelly realized that it was time to tell him everything...


Phillip didn't say a word to Kelly on the way home.

Giving Jean-Luc to Dr. Brush, he was clearly worried, and Kelly knew about it. However, he was not going to show her his grief. To her own regret, Kelly never learned to understand what is sometimes hidden behind her husband's inscrutable expression.

She knew only one thing: Philip did not intend to take her home right away, so she would have the opportunity to tell him everything. The news will clearly make him a different person. Philip directed the car to Raoul and Lee's mansion.

Perhaps they invited Philip to come over for dinner after the court hearing was over. It was very kind of them, but now, for the first time, Kelly wanted to be exclusively in the company of Philip.

She has visited Raoul and Lee's mansion several times since Philip bought a house near them. However, she had never been able to inspect the land around the royal mansion before. The princess told her that, among other things, they had their own stable with racehorses.

Horses were one of the passions of the royal family. Probably Raul and Lee rode almost every morning into the nearby forest, which was also their private property.

Both suffered a lot before they met each other. Now Raul and Lee led a fabulously happy life, because they were madly in love with each other. Royal privileges were just an addition to their happiness.

Although Kelly was not a princess, during the month that she was Philip's wife, she had the same fabulously happy life as a married woman.

Turning her back on Philip, Kelly wondered if she would ever stop grieving that she had once destroyed something so rare and precious her destiny had given her.

To her surprise, Philip did not turn onto the road leading to the front entrance to Raoul's mansion. Instead, they drove past the mansion, then headed into the forest, located on a low hillock. A minute later, a building appeared before them, hidden from prying eyes among the trees. Philip stopped the car.

Kelly looked puzzled at her husband:

— Where are we going?

“This is the royal kennel,” he said.

Why did Philip bring her to the kennel?

- Since you are going to live alone, you will need a good guard dog. Raul's pet, a black Labrador, has recently pubbed. Now the puppies have already grown up, and they can be taken away from their mother. I already have my eye on one puppy, but you yourself must choose the one you like the most.

Philip obviously decided to finish her off with his kindness. However, there must be a limit to everything! When her husband held out his hand to Kelly to help her out, she grabbed his arm tightly.

- No, Philip! she called.

He looked at her in surprise.

— After all, in your childhood you had a grandfather Labrador, whom you loved.

- That's right. However, I won't be able to take care of the dog now.

- Raul has a special person who will help you with training if you are worried about this.

— That's not the point! she called again.

Philip became gloomy.

— What's wrong, Kelly? What's happening?

— Let's go home, please. I'll tell you about everything.

Philip needs to know the truth NOW, but Kelly has decided not to confess when she's in someone else's territory, especially if that territory belongs to Philip's best friend. Her husband deserved to hear the news in his own home. After all, what she said should change both his and her life.

Philip drove home at such a high speed that Kelly clutched the armrests in fear. She was driven to the mansion by a man who had completely lost control of his emotions. He did not pay attention to any road sign. Their trip home could be compared to extreme racing.

As soon as Philip pulled up to the house and stopped, Kelly immediately got out of the car.

“If you don't mind, I'd like to change,” she said. - Wait for me in the living room.

After closing the car door, Kelly ran across the lawn to the house. While pregnant, she did not wear high heels. A few seconds later, Philip caught up with her, grabbed her by the arm and led her into the house.

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