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260 S 6th St
Burbank, CA 91501

(818) 841-1688//Email//Map//Website

Princess Limousine is based out of Burbank and offers professional and reliable limousine services for all events. Princess Limousine is a full service transportation company that offers superior and prompt service for all occasions, including weddings, prom and corporate events.


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The most pleasant limo service & driver!

I booked Princess limousine for a girls night out party and it was the best experience I've ever had with a limo service. The driver was sooo personable, friendly, and offered such professional service! I wish I knew about Princess limousine when I was getting married! Thanks Hayk and Princess Limousine for such an unforgettable night!

Posted By: [email protected] com | Dec 14th, 2010 | View all my reviews

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the best limo service

If you want to be driven around in a limo, then you definitely want Hayk to be your chauffeur. He is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Besides being professional and attentive he is funny and very friendly. Ladies will appreciate his little box of necessities such as needles and threads and an eyelash glue among other thing... We highly recommend his business.

Posted By: gharib23 | Nov 9th, 2010 | View all my reviews

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Wonderful Time

We talked to Mike at Princess Limo and set up a trip to take us to Morongo Casino. Mike arrived on time. He was extremely professional and took good care of my Mother and my Sister with kindness. The Limo was beautiful. He picked up the three of us and then picked up my Mother in Eagle Rock and then on to the Casino. Two days later he was at the Casino right on time to pick us up and take us home. The Most Important thing about this trip was that I lost my goal diamond ring in the limo on the way down. We thought I had left it at home but after arriving at home we discovered that is was missing. So I called Mike and told him about it and he went right to work searching the Limo. He told us he had a party of 12 people in the car the night before he came and pick us up at the casino. Mike searched and actually FOUND MY RING!!!!!!! and brought it over to me. So I Highly recommend Mike and Princess Limo Service for their Integrity and Honesty and Professionalism!! Thank you Mike!!!!
Craig Wills

Posted By: robertm | Jul 5th, 2010 | View all my reviews

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limo service

We hired princess limousine for a private party and the service was excellent. Very professional driver and very polite. Highly recommend

Posted By: MARAL | Jun 13th, 2007 | View all my reviews

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One of the bar patrons, a rather elderly man, looked like an actor. His long curly gray hair contrasted sharply with a navy blue double-breasted blazer with copper buttons. Two women sat at a table by the window, carefully avoiding direct sunlight. Apparently both have recently had plastic surgery. In the farthest corner, behind a stunted palm tree, two lovers tried to hide in a tub, but they did not succeed well. nine0006

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“What nonsense he is talking about! flashed through Melinda's mind. Probably wants to try his luck. Suddenly he will get at least some work if the TV star puts in a good word for him ... "0006

She nodded silently so as not to show she didn't have a Texan accent.

“I noticed that character actors are quite often your partners,” continued the gray-haired old man. - I can also be a character actor, although my real role is a hero. If you like, I will send you my track record. I just fired my agent, so now I do everything myself.

You probably never had an agent, Melinda thought.

- So I'll send you a resume, okay? The old man got up, fastened his cufflinks, and headed for the door. nine0006

- You work at Burbank Studios, don't you? he asked at the exit.

Melinda nodded again.

The old man is gone.

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- Lies! yelled the voice.

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- And they got into a puddle!

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- He managed to get away. He called from a pay phone in the West Hollywood area. They are trying to take fingerprints, but experts believe that serious results should not be hoped for.

The bartender poured himself a shot of bourbon and tipped it into his mouth in one fell swoop.

“I hate those bastards who can hurt a child,” he muttered.

“Me too,” Melinda said. - What are we going to do now?

- Go back to the house and wait. It's not easy to let your parents know that the criminal was on our hook, but we missed him. I'm just sick of it! nine0006

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— How do you like the prince? the partner asked with curiosity.

- He is a man of incredible composure. The prince and his wife seem to be very close. Sometimes I get the feeling that I do not work for the police, but personally for him. nine0006

Melinda sipped the warm champagne. Not every day she was able to try "Crystal". The salary did not allow such a luxury.

“And yet there is something not quite clear here,” she muttered.

— What do you mean?

- On the evening when a child was abducted from a house in Malibu, her first husband was with the princess. It looks like something is still going on between them.

- They say the prince is a homosexual. Maybe his wife wanted normal sex. nine0006

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— So this is very convenient, right? the policeman grinned as he passed the apron to the real bartender. - Give you a ride? nine0006

“I have a Rolls-Royce,” Melinda smiled.

The limousine was waiting for her next to the cafe. As she approached the car, she heard the words of the parking attendant, not without pleasure:

— It was good to see you, Princess von Arpsburg!

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Travelers can easily get to the property as Heathrow Terminal 5 Station is approximately 6 km away and Heathrow Airport is 8 km away. Getting around the city is easy with the nearby Heathrow Terminal 4 Underground Station. Guests can have fun visiting nearby tourist spots and attractions such as Hounslow Urban farm, Cranford Country Park or Earl Haig Memorial.

After a long day, guests can relax in the hotel, and the staff will take care of your comfort. This hotel also offers parking. nine0006

Travelers commented on the good level of cleanliness at this hotel. If you are traveling on your own, this hotel will be an excellent accommodation option.

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Dreamtel London Kensington

0.65 KM FROM Downtown, Kensington and Chelsea

240 Reviews

Dreamtel london trips. Dreamtel London Kensington is a great place to stay in Kensington and Chelsea. nine0006

Travelers can easily reach the property with West Brompton Station approximately 1 km away and London City Airport 20 km away. The hotel is located just a few minutes' walk from Earl's Court Underground Station. Nearby attractions such as Bela Bartok Memorial Kensington, St. Philip's Church and St Cuthbert's Church.

After a day of sightseeing, travelers can relax at the hotel or take a stroll in the area. nine0006

Travelers who are traveling alone have given this hotel a high rating.

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Days Inn Hyde Park London

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daYDAD PAYD PAYD PAYD PAYD PARDEL explore the city. Days Inn Hyde Park London is a great place to stay in Westminster.

Paddington Station and London City Airport are conveniently located 400m and 19km respectively. Travelers will be able to easily move around the city due to the proximity to Paddington tube station. Nearby attractions include Ross Nye Stables, Serpentine Boating Lake and The Bandstand.

After a day of sightseeing, travelers can relax at the hotel or take a stroll in the area. For guests driving, this hotel provides parking. nine0006

Travelers can easily get to the property as Heathrow Airport is approximately 2 km away and Heathrow Central Railway Station is 3 km away. The surrounding area is full of attractions such as the Airport Bowl, Pegasus Health Spa and Europcar.

After a long day, you can relax in the hotel, taking advantage of its many amenities. This hotel also offers parking.

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Wombat's City Hostel London is the perfect place to stop off your trip.

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