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"The American Dream," World's Longest Limo, Restored by Florida Man

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Once again dazzling, the 100-foot-long Cadillac gets a new lease on life.

This is The American Dream, the world's longest limo, at least according to the Guinness World Records organization. At 100 feet and 1.5 inches, we can't imagine it has too many challengers to its throne. But as impressive as this 25,000-odd pound, helipad-equipped, massive Cadillac is, what's even more impressive is that its restoration was completed at all. This limo was in terrible shape, a rotted hulk that would take a gargantuan effort to bring back to life.

Abandoned in New York, it was first hauled to the Autoseum for an ill-fated restoration attempt. Then, with some difficulty (and a hood that flew off en route, never to be seen again), it was trucked down to the Dezerland Park car museum for another go—in several pieces—for another effort at revival. Here's what it looked like in 2013:

Well, that effort has succeeded, as you can see. Michael Dezer—a prominent real estate developer in New York and Florida—and Michael Manning of Autoseum worked together to make it happen. Along the way, three Cadillacs were cannibalized, and untold amount of rust was removed, yards of leather and vinyl and carpet were employed, and the engine(s) were replaced. The subframe looks more like a bridge truss than anything you'd find in a vehicle, and in fact Manning admits rebuilding it was more of a civil engineering project than an automotive restoration.

No fewer than six Eldorados were conjoined during the original construction of this 24-wheeled monster, conceived by Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, Calif.—the guy behind a few cars you may have heard of, like KITT from Knight Rider and the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. Originally, the vehicle had a swivel function, in order to attempt to navigate corners with more grace. It's not clear if that feature was retained in the restoration. Its tail housed a helipad, whose surface could be used as a putting green whenever the chopper wasn't around. In its original iteration, it also had two engines, dozens of windows, TVs, telephones, a lounge, a waterbed, a jacuzzi, and a swimming pool with a diving board.


The American Dream is now functional, to the extent that it can be. With this length and an attendant cruise-ship-like turning radius, you can't simply drive this thing around. You need to carefully plan a route to make sure it has room to maneuver. Get it stuck and it'll take some creative towing to remove it. That said, whether stationary or on the go, Manning says there's room inside for 75, plus there's a pool on the back. The interior is mostly bare at the moment—in the video, Manning hints it could be built out to fit a customer—and it's so long the other end is barely visible from inside.

There's no getting around it: The American Dream is excessive to the point of impracticality. But it's still the world record holder, taking the crown from itself with a 1.5-inch stretch. It's hilarious that a distance that small has any significance for a vehicle this large, but there it is. What happens to it next is anybody's guess, but we salute you, Floridians, for reviving The American Dream in all its excess.

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The World's Longest Limo Is Back! It Has 26 Wheels and a Helipad!

A limousine in itself is already a bit gratuitous. However, there are plenty of limo owners and companies that take things to the next level. Countless TVs, bars, and even hot tubs are pretty commonplace in a limo anymore. This one, though, takes it to the next level. You didn’t read that title wrong. It’s got a helipad. It was originally built in the 1980s and, after nearly rotting away for good, is now back in tip-top shape.

This limo is over 100 feet long, but only just.

The American Dream in the 1980s | Maureen Donaldson/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

What a spectacularly hilarious feat. Though there is a virtually endless amount of Guinness World Records, some of them really just stand out. According to NDTV, this limo, known simply as “The American Dream,” holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest car.

Originally built by a car customizer named Jay Ohrberg in Burbank, California, in 1986, this monster limo was built solely with the intention of breaking the world record. At the time, it measured “only” 60 feet long. It’s got two V8 engines. One up front and one in the rear.

Based on a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado, The American Dream only continued to grow over the years. Now, it measures an absolutely absurd length of 100 feet and one and a half inches. It also has had a few different owners, the current one being Michael Manning.

It’s said to be able to hold up to 75 people, which offers plenty of party opportunities. Of course, one can’t live the American dream inside The American Dream without all sorts of luxury features.

The limo features a waterbed, a swimming pool with a diving board, a jacuzzi, a bathtub, a mini-golf course, and, of course, the helipad. Yes, a helipad, the things helicopters land on. It’s legit, too. You can even see a helicopter land on it in the above video. Talk about setting a world record with style!

“The helipad is structurally mounted to the vehicle with steel brackets underneath and can hold up to five thousand pounds,” said Manning.

The American Dream has a checkered history

The American Dream isn’t Ohrberg’s only limousine, either. He even built one out of a Ferrari F40. Or, at least, a replica. He also created legendary vehicles like the General Lee, KITT from Knight Rider, and even the iconic DeLorean from Back to The Future, according to Auto Trader.

The American Dream had its time in the sun, too. It was featured in many movies and was often rented out. Eventually, though, people lost interest. Then, the issue of what to do with a 100-foot limo arose.

The world's longest limo once had a jacuzzi and a helipad. And now… it's abandoned. For more: https://t.co/DTn8VCWYZD pic.twitter.com/bEUBC5azBd

— Doug DeMuro (@DougDeMuro) December 5, 2016

As one might imagine, parking and storing a 100-foot long car is not an easy task. Sadly, after Ohrberg built the beast, it began sitting around and rusting away due to lack of interest.

Manning purchased The American Dream on eBay and spent over $250,000 on its restoration. Now once again in a presentable state, The American Dream still holds its title as the world’s longest car.

Don’t go getting plans together for you and 74 of your closest friends to spend a night out on the town with this monster, though. Despite its renewed roadworthiness, The American Dream is destined for display. According to NDTV, it’ll be a part of Dezerland Park Car Museum’s display of classic and unique cars in Orlando, Florida. So, if you’re ever in the area, be sure to go check it out.

Overall, The American Dream even as a concept seems like a monumental nightmare logistically. So, the fact that it ever came to be in the first place is pretty insane. It is fantastic to see, though, that it is once again in the care of somebody who is passionate about it and will live out the rest of its life in a museum instead of rotting away.

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The longest limousine, the largest limousine, the longest limousines in the world

The limousine is often called the "cool" car, some stars compete among themselves to become the owner of the longest limousine. These cars can often be seen in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The "coolest" limousine

The pursuit of excellence is very difficult to drive into the framework, so more and more "cool" limousines appear from time to time. The race for leadership sometimes does not fit into the framework of elementary logic.

Long limousines are considered the coolest

Midnight Rider - this is the intriguing and loud name of the limousine, recognized as one of the coolest. This is the most expensive and tallest car. He is able to take on board forty guests. Its attendants are two drivers, a bartender, an engineer and a hostess.

Midnight Rider has multiple living quarters, a spacious bathroom and 1800-watt acoustics. Looking at this giant, it is difficult to call it a limousine, it looks more like a hotel on wheels. In fact, the limousine itself is a trailer on wheels. He will not be able to go anywhere without a tractor and a truck driver.

Midnight Rider Limousine is a hotel on wheels

The Guinness Book of Records considered this limousine the largest and heaviest of all. Its length is twenty-one meters, and its weight is about twenty-five tons. This giant machine was built from 1997 to 2004. In other words, it can be called an equipped trailer for a tractor.

Midnight Rider is located in Southern California. He is able to move on any road that allows you to make a turn with a radius of fourteen meters.

The longest limousine in the world on the road

The limousine consists of 4200 parts. It is noteworthy that ninety percent of them are made to order or by hand. The body is made of stainless steel, which is sixteen times thicker than the steel that trailers are usually made from. Parts of the limousine are connected by welds, similar to those used in aircraft construction. There are one thousand four hundred such seams. Thanks to such a strong body, passengers feel protected. The internal area of ​​the limousine is huge - it is forty square meters.

The interior of the longest limousine in the world, Midnight Rider

The interior of the Midnight Rider is reminiscent of a presidential train car from the second half of the nineteenth century, with lots of polished wood and glass. In total, there are three halls in the car, each with a bar, TV and telephone. His rent per hour is nothing more than one thousand dollars.

Renting the coolest limousine in the world costs a thousand dollars an hour

The biggest limousines in St. Petersburg and Moscow

Large limousines can boast of Moscow, as well as the northern capital. I must say, a limousine is not often seen on city streets, as it is not at all an everyday means of transportation. More often, rich and influential people become owners, and a limousine is an opportunity for them to once again emphasize their status.

There are a lot of luxurious limousines in Moscow

Limousines in Russia are made by order of organizations or individuals by tuning studios. Both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow there are exclusive limousines of different models.

Philip Kirkorov was the owner of a huge Hummer limousine, which Alla Pugacheva gave him at one time. Leonid Yarmolnik also has a limousine.

There is a Hummer H2 limousine in Moscow. Its maximum capacity is thirty-six people. It is considered the longest limousine of this brand; it is rented out in the capital.

Russian celebrities have their own limousines

In Russia today there is a limousine that is twenty-six centimeters longer than the Cadillac limousine once bought by Sylvester Stallone. The actor bought it from hand and, with the help of a designer, converted it so that it could compete with the longest limousines in the world. The Russian limousine can carry twenty-two people and is fifteen meters long.

The world's largest limousine

For a long time, the Midnight Rider limousine was considered the longest, but now it is only in second place. Although the championship in the amount of alcohol, "living space" and sofas still remains with him.

The limousine, which was created as a showpiece, was eight meters longer. His owner is Californian Jay Orberg. He calls his long car "The American Dream." The length of the car is thirty meters forty-eight centimeters, and the weight is ten tons.

The American Dream limousine is now the longest in the world.

The American Dream's appearance is such that it looks like it has solid windows. The limousine has two motors, a helipad, twelve axles, twenty-six wheels. For its turn, you need a huge space, so the car is equipped with two driver's compartments - front and rear. This allows for comfortable transportation in both directions.

Despite the fact that the car was created as an exhibition model, the owner is ready to rent it for various events. In such a vehicle, it is not always possible to move along the streets, so only specially trained drivers drive it.

The interiors of the limousines even have a jacuzzi

The passenger compartment is no less remarkable, it is equipped with a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a solarium and a large bed. It also has chic leather sofas, a bar and TVs. This long car mainly serves as an exhibition piece. For the funds received from photographing his photo, the owner of the limousine lives.

By the way, limousines are not the most stolen cars. Very different models are in great demand in this area. The site uznayvse.ru has a detailed article about which cars are stolen most often.

length, photo, what's interesting :: Autonews

The giant "American Dream" was listed in the Guinness Book of Records three times for one reason - because of its incredible length. How so?

  • Which car is the longest
  • History of
  • Why do we need
  • History of creation
  • Design features
  • Revival story
  • Top 5 most unusual stretches in the world

adv. rbc.ru

What is the world's longest car

The world's longest car is the American Dream stretch limousine, now 30m 51cm 81mm.

Stretch limousine is a highly elongated (direct translation of the English "stretch") version of a regular limousine. The huge length allows not only to significantly increase the number of seats, but also to equip the most luxurious relaxation zone, separated from the workplace of a professional driver by a blind or lifting partition. Stretch cars are produced in small batches or even single copies by specialized companies that use serial models of different classes as donors of the main mechanical filling.

Photo: auto.hindustantimes.com

The degree of finalization of the source code depends on the customer's ambitions and the project budget. In the process of transformation, a central insert is welded between the front and rear of the donor car, but the stretch feed can be subjected to a more radical alteration.

To compensate for the increased weight of the structure, the extended frame is reinforced, and for models with load-bearing bodies, spars. For the same reason, a brake system that is more powerful than the standard one is often used. Depending on the number of axles, the suspension scheme can also undergo quite serious changes.

Photo: twitter.com

The history of the appearance of stretch limousines

It is believed that the first stretch limousines were produced in the late 1920s by the Armbruster company from Fort Smith (Arkansas). The 12-seat models were originally intended to carry the famous jazz bands Glen Miller and Benny Goodman, which gave rise to the name of these cars "buses for the big band." But soon the potential of stretch limousines was appreciated by hoteliers, travel and airline companies, as well as commercial entertainment firms.

Photo: drive2.ru

Why stretch limousines are needed

Give a familiar thing an obviously unusual size, and the wow effect is guaranteed! This property of human psychology is also used by the creators of stretch limousines. Rented stretch cars are in demand at festive events, as a kind of advertising objects to attract the attention of potential customers, and of course, in the cinema, where they play the role of a spectacular moving scenery. The case of American Dream is no exception.

Photo: autoweek.com

History of the American Dream

Creating the world's longest stretch limousine is an idea that only a very brave, ambitious and wealthy person could come up with. All these qualities were endowed with Jay Orberg, a Hollywood stuntman who became a famous customizer. By the second half of the 1980s, Jay's track record included creating star cars for several popular television series, as well as a DeLorean DMC-12 time machine for Robert Zemeckis's cult film Back to the Future.

Jay Orberg - celebrity customizer and creator of the "American Dream" super stretch (Photo: social media)

Jay also loves round numbers. So, the first version of "American Dream", assembled in 1986, stretched exactly 60 feet. In our usual units of measurement, this is 18.29 m. The height of a standard Soviet five-story building is three meters less! In any case, the original "American Dream" made it into the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

Already the first, eight-axle version of the American Dream, which appeared in 1986, did not get lost against the backdrop of ocean liners. (Photo: social networks)

But Orberg did not rest on this. In 1992, he released a 100-foot (30.48 m) stretched version of his stretch limousine. There is a new world achievement! Finally, after a restoration completed in 2022, the American Dream has lengthened by almost 4 cm, and today the record bar for stretch cars is set at 30 m 51 cm 81 mm. This is almost 61 cm more than five long-wheelbase Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII lined up bumper-to-bumper, the champion in length among production models.

Following a 1992 redesign, the American Dream's elongated body was made from two hinged sections. This did not so much help the giant turn as it facilitated its transportation to the next exhibition site. (Photo: social media)

American Dream Design Features

  • The American Dream was based on the Cadillac Eldorado 9th generation, or rather, the version of the 1976 model year. This "Caddy" with a length of almost 5.7 m was not a baby from birth, but he had to turn into a real giant.
  • The 9th generation
  • Cadillac Eldorado is a frame model, making it easier to convert to a super stretch. One way or another, behind the driver's cab it was necessary to make a frame of powerful steel profiles.
  • Initially, the American Dream had eight axles, and after the modernization of 1992, their number increased to 12 due to the appeared central bogie.
  • All three "American Dream" front axles are swivel. In a 1992 redesign, the stretch became a "two-car" articulated hitch. However, the turn of the monster in most situations was not provided, and for reversing, the second control post was used, located in the place of the aft trunk, and the driver was located there with his back in the direction of travel.
  • The
  • 1976 Cadillac Eldorado had a front drive axle, but the American Dream type of drive is hard to define. The stretch has two V8s. The one located under the front hood rotates one of the rotary axles, and the second engine installed immediately behind the passenger compartment rotates the axle of the rear five-bearing bogie.
  • The 1992 100-foot version of the American Dream consumed an average of 235 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. The Russian T-90 tank has almost the same fuel consumption on a paved road!
  • The front and rear of the 1992 upgraded American Dream were separated by solid bulkheads, so passengers had to exit the stretch to transfer from one "car" to another.
  • After modernization in 1992 "American Dream" began to accommodate 75 people. Most of them, like in the Moscow metro cars, sat on sofas installed along the stretch walls.
  • Aft of the American Dream, in addition to the second engine compartment, there is a swimming pool with a diving board, a mini-golf course and a landing pad capable of supporting a helicopter weighing up to 2300 kg. Inside the champion there is a king size bed with a water mattress, billiards and a bar. From the very beginning, the car was equipped with a satellite TV antenna. Recently refurbished, the American Dream's leather and vinyl interior has received LED lighting.

The American Dream was driven back by a second control station in the trunk. (Photo: social networks)

American Dream restoration history

After the modernization of 1992, American Dream was estimated at $2 million. At today's exchange rate, this is almost twice as much. And this is without taking into account a quarter of a million dollars spent on the restoration of the model.

Bridal-inspired back of the American Dream interior. (Photo: social networks)

After a long period of fame, Jay Orberg's super stretch was abandoned and turned into a virtual pile of scrap metal. Michael Manning tried to save the record-breaking car from death, who in 2014 bought a rusty relic at an eBay auction. The owner of the Autoseum, a New York automobile museum and training center, hoped to turn the American Dream into a restoration visual aid, but the plan was thwarted by a lack of funding.

As a result, the superstretch was put back up for auction, where it was purchased in 2019 by Michael Deser, a wealthy exotic car collector and owner of Florida's largest indoor entertainment complex. Dezer, appreciating Manning's passion for resurrecting the American Dream, enlisted him and a team of experts to fully restore the superstretch. It took three years to complete and six Cadillac Eldorados as donors of the lost structural elements. Today, the resurrected American Dream is housed in the Dezerland Park Car Museum in Orlando, Florida.

In the early 2010s, the abandoned "American Dream" turned into a pile of rubbish. (Photo: motor1.com)

But the restoration, completed in March 2022, may be only an intermediate stage in the history of the legendary model. Michael Manning did not rule out turning the American Dream into an electric car, noting that "there is more than enough space for batteries." How do you know if such a transformation will turn into another - at least symbolic - stretching of the superstretch?

Top 5 Unusual Stretches in the World

If measuring instruments are enough to identify the longest stretch limousine, then it is much more difficult to determine the degree of unusual stretches. And yet let's try.

Tank Limo

The world's only tracked stretch built by Tanks A Lot, a Northamptonsshire tank rental and restoration company. To create the Tank Limo, a section of the same BMP was welded to the standard FV432, as a result of which the length of the vehicle increased from 5.25 m to 6.7 m.

The capacity of the caterpillar stretch remained the same: 2 crew members and 10, no, not infantrymen, but passengers. In the compartment for civilians there is a TV and soft rugs on the floor. Comfort, by the standards of the BMP, beyond. The cost of the transformation is £50,000.

Boeing 727 Jet Limousine

VACA Limousines, Mexico's largest limousine rental company, in 2007 hoisted the front fuselage of a passenger Boeing 727-24C onto the chassis of a 40-seat Mercedes-Benz diesel bus. Stretch length 9,144 m there is a living room with a fireplace and a TV, a bar, and in the back of the salon, surrounded by many mirrors, there is a large bed. Boeing 727 Jet Limousine was sold for $275,000 to The Legend of Los Angeles. The stretch can be rented for a month for $100,000 or purchased for $1 million.


In 2010 Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) introduced an electric bus with a length of 15.24 m, in the development of which 10 million euros were invested. The 23-seater Superbus has a lightweight carbon chassis, a 16-door gullwing body made of fiberglass, and adjustable suspension can reduce ground clearance from 40 cm to 7 cm, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 250 km/h.

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