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A limo rental provides you with the means to elevate any event through luxurious styling, high-capacity transportation and an experience like no other when it comes to travel. When looking for the best limo rental service in Greensboro, NC to be your means of mobility, you can count on beauty, comfort and style. 

About Our Greensboro Limo Company
We have been proud to have been a part of events for residents and visitors across the Greensboro area over the course of many years. Whether it’s been through delivery of wedding limo service, party bus rental, stretch limo service or bringing the best in local wine tour companies, we have always put the full weight of our experience into our services in order to provide an experience that our clients won’t soon forget. With beautifully detailed vehicles, delivered in a range of styles and colors, you have the best limos in the city awaiting your phone call. 

Our Limousine Services
Our services navigate around providing Greensboro, NC more than just a ride to your destination. We bring you the aesthetic of a beautiful limo waiting at the end of the drive, perfectly detailed and cleaned vehicles greeting you, the ultimate in comfortable and spacious interiors and the amenities within to ensure that you can have the best time.

​Whether you’re celebrating with a solo venture or gathering with your friends to mark an occasion, there’s no vehicle in the city of Greensboro, NC that has the beauty, class and style that can match a limo rental from your local area providers. Our team offers elegant transportation services in Greensboro NC and the surrounding area for all types of events. We are one of the highest rated limo companies in Greensboro NC and that is something we're quite proud of. Our company can even provide Greensboro airport car services for personal or corporate transfers.


Greensboro NC Limo & Party Bus Company

Party Bus Greensboro NC
A party bus rental is a ride like no other and when turning to the local party bus company of choice for your booking, you can expect an experience that will stick with you. Grab your friends, grab a drink and turn up the tunes as you navigate Greensboro.
Black Town Car Limo Service Greensboro NC
When looking for more than your standard taxi fare, looking to Greensboro Limo Rentals will provide you with a town car service Greensboro NC locals turn to first and that ensures you are riding in comfort as your errands get completed. From trips to get groceries to visiting family members, there’s no distance to small for our service.
Wedding Limo Greensboro NC
The perfect car can make all the difference when it comes to the perfect wedding. We have been proud to provide wedding party bus services to Greensboro, NC over the course of many years and bring you a beautiful and reliable ride to make your day that much better.
Greensboro Bachelor Party Limo Rental
Getting the guys together and hitting the town for your bachelor party is made all the more exciting with a bachelor party bus rental or bachelor limo rental from the our professionals. We bring you the means to fit any number of passengers and the freedom you need to call the shots. 

A Limo Rental Greensboro NC Locals Desire

Corporate Car Service Greensboro NC
Whether a daily trip to and from work or as a means of getting to a corporate event, choosing our corporate car service will provide you with the personalized limo experience that frees you from the stresses of traffic. Focus on your work or relaxation in a smooth, comfortable ride.
Greensboro Wine Tour Limousine Service
Though Greensboro, NC may not be making waves with its wine production, there are many smaller vineyards around the area that beg you to try it out. When looking to get a new taste of the city, choosing a wine tour limo service from Greensboro Limo Rentals will deliver new experiences.
Greensboro Airport Shuttle and Transportation
Air travel is a stressful time that needs to adhere to strict schedules. Choosing a Greensboro airport transportation service from our experienced drivers will bring you the spacious and comfortable ride you need with more than enough room for all your luggage and fellow passengers. We offer a dedicated service from Greensboro to Raleigh airport and also roundtrip transportation from RDU to Greensboro NC if your family if visiting from out of town or if you're planning a nice vacation.
Birthday Party Bus Rental Greensboro NC
Make your birthday experience something to remember with a quality stretch limo rental from our Greensboro NC party bus rentals company. We provide you the best in local party bus companies or single limo rental experiences necessary to give you a whole new means in which to mark the passage of another year in the Greensboro area. 


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Executive Limousine Service Greensboro NC

Greensboro Bachelorette Party Bus Limo Service
Take a break from the stresses of wedding planning, grab the girls and hop aboard a party bus from Greensboro Limo Bus Rentals. We have the music waiting; the drinks are cold, and our chauffeurs are ready to follow your instructions in order to have the best night possible before your big day. Book your bachelorette party limo today for a super fun night with the girls!
Prom Limos In Greensboro NC
Your prom is an event years in the making and one that will stick with you for the remainder of your days, therefore getting the right vehicle that can stand up to those memories is important. Whether you have the perfect date planned or gathering friends, we have you covered.
Quinceanera Limo Greensboro North Carolina
Treating your young lady like a princess is the goal of our quinceanera limousine rental. We bring the attentive chauffeur service, safe drive and luxurious interior needed to assist in this rite of passage. Make her day amazing with a beautiful limo rental from our professionals.
Greensboro Limo Service For Graduations
The final milestone in your academic career, graduation is a time of recognition for the efforts you put in throughout your years in school. With a beautiful limo ready to provide you with the transportation you need, you’ll be making a gran entry and exit as you prepare for the next steps in life. 

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The ability to quickly and reliably get in touch with the limo rental professionals you need is important to us. We aim to ensure that our limousine company sets the standard from the moment we pick up the phone, bringing you attention, service and information regarding the various options we provide the city. When looking for a limo or party bus rental in the Greensboro, NC area that focuses on quality in every aspect of service, then we invite you to make the choice to call into our offices today. Greensboro Limo Rentals is here to bring you the best experiences. 

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"If you're looking for an incredible experience in luxury vehicles, contact Greensboro Limo Rentals today. The stretch limos and party buses in particular offer an exceptional experience with their incredible sound systems, lighting and special themed features. They offer excellent service with professional and friendly drivers. They have an impressive fleet of vehicles for all types of events including weddings, parties, family events, corporate, proms and much more. " - Glenna L. 
"Greensboro Limo rentals provide exceptional service, great help, and an overall fabulous experience for first time renters or regulars. We were very pleased with the quality service and ongoing help we received from their friendly employees. Their helpful team truly proposed cars that were suitable for our event to accommodated our pick up times and the size of our large group. They are professional and have a large fleet of quality cars and party buses. " - Nadine E.
"I used this limousine company for my wife's birthday outing and we were not disappointed at all. There was a lot of solid communication and the elegant limo arrived on time despite the local traffic. Our driver was kind and funny; making our run into the city very enjoyable. We booked an eight passenger stretch limo for the evening and found that the pricing was vey competitive. When the limo showed up we were also impressed with the clean ride. A job well done." - Steve N.

Town Car Limo Service Greensboro NC

Are you in need of a local limo service Greensboro NC residents depend on? If you are then you have most definitely come to the right place! Heading out and about through Greensboro can often find you looking for a more convenient mode of transportation and when looking for a higher level of reliability than your standard cab fare, choosing the professionals at Greensboro Limo Rentals will provide you with a ride that takes your trip to the next level. With a town car and corporate car service available, you have the most pleasurable means of running errands, getting to an event or simply making your way about town. Do a search online for limos near me and sure enough you'll find our friendly and professional team ready to serve you.

Take a look below at our list of luxury transportation services:

  • Greensboro NC Party Bus Rentals
  • Wedding Limousines in Greensboro NC
  • Bachelor Party Limo Buses Greensboro
  • Greensboro Corporate Town Car Services
  • Wine Tour Limo Services in Greensboro
  • Greensboro North Carolina Airport Shuttle
  • Birthday Limo Bus Rentals Greensboro NC
  • Greensboro NC Bachelorette Party Bus Service
  • Prom Limousine Services in Greensboro NC
  • Greensboro Quinceaneras Limo Rentals
  • Greensboro NC Graduation Limo Bus Services

In Town Rides
Whether you need to go to a family members house or simply run to the post office, choosing our Greensboro NC Limousine Services as your means of transportation will provide you with a reliable scheduling option, having the vehicle you’re looking for awaiting you outside your door. There is no trip too big or too small for our experts to provide you assistance with, all it takes is making the choice to reach out to the limo and party bus company of choice for your town car limo services. Count on reliability and comfort through our quality services.
Touring the City
There can come times in your life when you simply want to take a trip around the city, whether it’s to stroll down memory lane or just to get out and do something different. When making the call to the professionals at our Greensboro NC Limousine Company, you can count on a service that’s available to you at all times and the means in which to get your trip started simply and affordably. A quick phone call to our booking agents will have you given your choice of vehicle, venue and schedule, with the right car waiting to provide you with the excursion you’re looking for.
Event Scheduling 
If there’s an event in your future that you’re looking to obtain reliable transportation for, you can count on Greensboro Limo Rentals to be there with a fair limousine price and overall wonderful service. We provide you the same range of services as a local taxi option, yet a much higher quality of vehicle and a trained chauffeur at the wheel. When looking to ride with simplicity yet to still make an impact with your arrival, choosing a quality stretch limo or town car service from Greensboro Limo Rentals will bring you more than your average selection. Wherever you need to go, our experts are here to deliver you in style.
Corporate Car
Don't settle for the lowest price or old cheap limo rentals in the area; you never know if these vehicles are safe or insured. We have luxurious, safe, and insured vehicles to get you where you need to be in style. From daily driver services to the means to get to your next dinner appointment in a reliable fashion, Greensboro Limo Rentals is here to bring you the full range of services and to deliver the quality transportation you seek. Whether you need to rent a limo for a day or make a statement with your transportation or are simply looking for a more elevated means of getting where you need to go, you can depend on the expertise of Greensboro Limo Rentals professionals to bring you the full range of service options necessary. Take your trip to another level with a beautiful town car at your service. 


Civil aviation - supersonic again?

It was possible to technically realize the idea of ​​building an aircraft flying at supersonic speed as early as the 1950s. But then no one could clearly voice the economic viability of such projects. Some clarity was introduced by the construction of the world's only two serial models of supersonic liners - Concorde (France) and Tu-144 (USSR). It seems that the practice of their use proved the economic inexpediency of the production of such machines.

The United States also began to develop a supersonic aircraft, but the costs were so high that the project was curtailed, and even a prototype was built.

Nevertheless, there are developments of supersonic liners, concepts are being created - the idea has not been abandoned. But after all, there were specific and rather serious reasons why the operation of the Tu-144 and Concorde ceased and no one else was going to produce new cars.

They don't want to make Conchords. Photo:

So, the developers of modern supersonic airliners have ways to somehow solve the problems associated with flying at speeds above Mach 1. Otherwise, it turns out "to step on the same rake." To date, there are several real projects, according to which the world should see serial supersonic aircraft within about the next five years.

Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet

Development of this aircraft began in the early 2010s. Initially, the project was financed by Spike Aerospace, but later all rights to the aircraft were transferred to Aerion Corporation. If we talk about the appearance of the concept, the first thing that catches your eye is the absence of windows. This technical solution is justified by the need to maintain the integrity of the structure, which increases flight safety.

A modern supersonic airliner does not need portholes. Photo:

The absence of windows also reduces noise from running engines. The head of Spike Aerospace said that the sound level in the cabin will not exceed 60 dB. For comparison: in a modern liner, this parameter is 85 dB, and the noise emitted by two talking interlocutors does not exceed 65 dB. However, this does not mean that passengers will be deprived of the opportunity to see what is happening overboard. The designers provided for video cameras projecting an image from the outside onto the inside of the fuselage throughout the cabin.

Instead of portholes - projection screens in the entire "wall". Photo:

Spike S-512 is a business class aircraft with a capacity of 18 passengers (22 in the economy version). Therefore, the interior can be decorated in several versions: if VIP, then sleeping places are also provided. In any case, there will be telephone communication, high-speed Internet. The estimated cost of the jet is 60-80 (somewhere the figure 100 flashes) million dollars. However, the developers assure that over time the ticket price will fall and will be available to ordinary citizens, motivating such a “development of events” by accelerating scientific and technological progress.

What's the reality with Spike S-512

Money invested in the project, but what about the return? For the first time, the model “lit up” in 2014 at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh air show. In early 2017, it was planned to launch a subsonic prototype of the SX-1.2 to make sure the aerodynamic characteristics were correct. And it was possible - the flights were recognized as successful. In the future, there were projects for a supersonic liner with 40 and 50 seats.

The money is invested, but where is the real plane? Photo: YouTube. com

At first, the prototype was planned to be launched in 2021. Technical characteristics of the "aircraft of the future":

✅ wingspan - 18 m
✅ length - 37 m
✅ empty weight (maximum) - 21.432 t (52.163 t)
✅ average speed - 1700 km / h
✅ range - 11500 km - maximum altitude 9003

As of the middle of 2021, we only know that the development of the 18-seater version is still underway. Spike Aerospace is far from the only company developing supersonic passenger liners.

Aerion AS2

Another business jet that should already carry out commercial transportation of passengers. The project started in 2014 and was quite successful: in the next 2015, the developer already received an order for 20 aircraft, and in total managed to collect 11.2 billion dollars at a cost of one aircraft of 120 million. And this despite the fact that, as the head company Tom Weiss at the beginning of 2020, the development of the liner will take approximately 4 billion "green".

The Aerion AS2 looks nice in the picture. Photo:

Investors include Boeing, General Electric and other well-known companies. An agreement was signed with Airbus for 100 million to modernize the company's previous project - Aerion SBJ. The first demonstration flight from New York to London is scheduled for 2023. Certifications are scheduled for 2025 and commissioning is scheduled for 2026.

The developers promised that the ticket price would be affordable for ordinary citizens. Photo:

In April 2020, Aerion announced the construction of an updated version of the supersonic AS2 with the following characteristics:

✅ wingspan - 24 m
✅ aircraft length - 44.2 m 11 passengers

In the summer of 2020, due to the pandemic, Boeing disbanded the teams of designers working on AS2. As a result, Aerion moved the date of the first flight to 2025. In the fall of 2020, tests began in a wind tunnel at a speed of 3M. For undisclosed reasons, in the last spring month of 2021, Aerion stopped its operations, having not completed orders for 10 billion dollars.

Boom Supersonic

The company's goal was announced immediately after its foundation in 2014 - the development and construction of supersonic passenger aircraft (SPS). The first stage of the program is the implementation of the XB-1 demonstrator aircraft project, after which they will begin to make a commercial aircraft.

Top - experimental XB-1, bottom - full-size aircraft. Photo:

The model was demonstrated in 2016, but finances were found a few months later. Separate components of the aircraft were manufactured and tested. But everything went on for a very long time: the plumage was ready in 2018, the fuselage, wings - in 2020. In the summer of the same year, they began to assemble the individual components of the aircraft together. In October 2020, the prototype (reduced by 3 times and named Baby Boom) was finally rolled out of the hangar and demonstrated to the general public, but through an online broadcast (due to the pandemic).


Power elements of the fuselage, wings, tail are made of aluminum and titanium. The cladding is partly composed of composites that are resistant to high temperatures. Some parts of the liner, even at cruising speed, heat up to 150 °. The fuselage has a spindle-shaped appearance, while a pair of engines are located at the rear from the sides, and the third is placed in the body of the aircraft.

Narrow body improves aerodynamics. Photo:

Thanks to improved aerodynamics and an improved engine, the noise level in the cabin will be 30 times less compared to the Concorde. Specifications of production aircraft:

✅ wingspan - 18 m
✅ length - 50 m
✅ speed - 2.2M
✅ range - 8300 km
✅ passenger capacity - 45-55 people
✅ cost of the aircraft (without interior design) - 200 million dollars.

To date, Boom Technology has contracts with 5 companies for the supply of 76 aircraft. It is known that only the Japanese JAL ordered 20 vehicles. According to the most optimistic forecasts, the Boom Overture series will be launched no earlier than 2028. The exact timing depends on the test results of the XB-1 Baby Boom demonstrator. The latest news about the experimental aircraft refers to January of this year. The media reported that Boom Supersonic finally installed engines on an experimental aircraft and is now testing them. The next stage is running along the runway.

XB-1 demonstrator aircraft: when will we fly? Photo:

In February, it was announced that the production of the supersonic aircraft would begin in Greensboro, North Carolina.


They are extremely contradictory: on the one hand, in the last example, everything seems to be going well, albeit slowly. On the other hand - continuous failures with huge investments. It seems that under the guise of project development, someone is “mastering” money into his pocket. However, the author may be wrong ...

Cake for a bachelorette party photo

For any girl, a wedding is the most reverent and cherished moment in life. Therefore, before this happens, it is necessary to say goodbye to old boring everyday life in a fun and big way. We offer as a surprise to present a bright and unusual cake for a bachelorette party to the hero of the occasion. Here you can beat a funny and funny episode from the life of the girl herself, pastry chefs are able to realistically and tasty fulfill absolutely any idea you voiced.

We have prepared a lot of desserts, and we can see that some ideas are especially popular - look at the photo of cakes for a bachelorette party in the form:

Anyone invited can buy such an original sweet gift and thereby please a friend. Do not be afraid to be misunderstood, embody your ideas in dessert, decide to buy a cake for a bachelorette party, and the reward for such a grandiose present will be joy and happiness in the eyes of the future bride!

Bachelorette party cakes on duty? Bachelorette cakes are a pretty fun thing to buy or even make your own. There are tons of styles to choose from, from the sweet and pretty to the downright dirty, so the sky is almost the limit.

Of course, the main thing to remember when determining which style of bachelorette party cake is right for your bride's bachelorette party is to keep in mind what the BRIDE would want. with a cup of tea. On the other hand, if your party is meant to be an all-out celebration, a regular cake probably won't wow it.

WARNING: some of the bachelorette party ideas you are about to see, are very mature in nature. If you don't feel comfortable seeing boy-shaped cake pieces, this is probably not the place for you!

This cake is perfect for a bachelorette party luau - and it's cute, not risqué.

These bachelorette party cupcakes are adorned with frosted lingerie, cocktails and high heels, reminiscent of a classic bachelorette party.

Theeeeeen THIS is a penis-inspired bachelorette party! Those penis-decorated cupcakes and big penis cake are fun and definitely lewd, perfect for the quirky bachelor (and yes, we love having the brown cake sprinkled over his "dangling bits" - hehe).

Okay, bachelorette party cakes are more private, but really cool. The different levels are edible, and we love the poker chips, feather boa, and zebra-print high-heeled cake topper… this cake screams “girls night out!”

Oh my virgin eyes! This is one of the most realistic bachelorette parties you will find. Perfect if you're doing something grown-up at the bride's party as a bachelor (wink). A variant of this cake can be just a big man's body without any self-confident things sticking out of his zebra-print underwear. This one is very pretty and can be done to match the bride's wedding color scheme. It's also ideal if you have a more conservative bride, or if your bachelorette party is attended by easily offended relatives.

A simple cake with a cute saying - all dressed up for a bachelorette party with little 'twigs and berries' decorations and one huge cake made from 100% chocolate. (Personally, I think the white icing coming from you-know-where is a bit over the top, but hey, that's not my party!)

Ah, another bachelorette party cake idea that doesn't scream "sex. " This cake is adorned with a beautiful pink martini created especially for the bride's celebration. Cute and stylish.

This cake is very, mmm, detailed!. From wavy hair to painted nails... Oops!

Here are some very cute custom cakes for a bachelorette party. Again, they can be decorated in the bride's favorite anatomical details. 🙂

Okay, close your eyes! This penis pie is quite funny in a way with humor. We need to laugh a little at this saying. 🙂

Bachelorette Party Cakes - Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Cake ideas


There are very few mistakes you can make when baking a great penis cake. Lucky for you, we've probably done them all. Well, everyone will tell you so that you do not have problems.

Next time you have a bachelorette party, we hope you preheat the oven to 350 degrees and make a fun cake.

If you attend one of the Hunk-O-Mania shows in New York City or Atlantic City you can always order their cake. They cover everything!

INGREDIENTS: All you need is one cake mix, three eggs, vegetable oil or butter (read cake box) and frost. Of course, you will also need a penis cake mold.

Follow the instructions on the cake mixing box. I recommend using chocolate flavoring, it somehow doesn't get stuck in the pan like the others (no matter how much butter you use).

If you are using the pot for the first time, you want to wash really well. You don't know where that penis was.

You want to spray the tray well with oil (we use PAM0 and then sprinkle with flour. If you don't really coat it will stick well!

Pour the mixture into a saucepan. Leave some room as it expands a bit as it cooks.

Bake for approximately 40 minutes, but read the directions on the box. Always set a timer for 35 minutes and check until well cooked.

Now you need to let it cool a little in the pan so they pull the mold out of it.

Use your imagination to decorate the penis cake. You can use food coloring frosting to make it look more like skin color (usually we use brown even for "white skin" tones). If you want it to look very smooth, you can cover with lipstick.

We need 1 hour of notification for any customs cake in erotic baked cakes of the USA 9000 here is older MANUFACTURING EROTIC PENIS CAKES, CAKES WITH TITS, PUSSY CAKES, COOKIES, CAKES WITH THE HOSTESS ADULT CAKES IN AN HOUR.

Gingerbread Bakery Usa will consult with you to create your design custom gingerbread house project and build custom gingerbread house your fantasy house, a great centerpiece for the holiday season. These custom gingerbread houses are also no ordinary gingerbread houses, a huge number features are included with each job. Plan ahead for the holidays and contact us to let us know about building plans today.


We make custom gingerbread houses. Our gingerbread houses are shaped like your houses, office buildings, skyscrapers, etc. We are experts in using our resources and your emailed photos of your building to copy and make it look like you are at home or at home.Some of these, garages, gingerbread houses can have lights on them that you plug in to light up. They can be customized the way you can only dream of. In fact, we dare you to give us a design that we cannot do. The weirder the design, the better we like it. The gingerbread house is completely edible, you can decorate these houses with paths, signs, icicles, candies, cookies, chocolate poop. The houses are made from homemade gingerbread dough or gingerbread, houses can be made from chocolate. Enjoy your Christmas holidays. Of course we wear any traditional style

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Our pop all cakes are made to order and can be delivered to any state in the country. You have a bachelor party and want to give the bachelor a special gift, call us to order a custom cake. You will love the taste of the cake, imagine your bachelor comes to your dance club and sees this six legged cake, and best of all his own girl popping up from our pop-up cake, now it's a cool gift no matter who the bachelor is. Give us a call any time of the day or night and we'll customize your cake for him or her. Pop Up Cakes


Try our full line of baked goods. Diet diabetic Cholesterol-free cookies, pies, bread and rolls.

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For your next bachelorette party, why not an ass, vagina, buttocks, breasts or cock pie? You do not have enough time for the maid of honor? Does the bachelorette party look gloomy? Our erotic penis cakes are a long time show. Our penis cakes are known to bring out the best and toughest birthday party smiles as well!

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Thank you for choosing Las Vegas The Erotic Cakes USA Bakery for your party New York Penis cakes and pastries.

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