How to get limousine license in qatar

Request Preliminary Approval for Renting Cars and Limousine

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Service Description

Companies may submit a request to the Land Transport Licensing Department at the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to issue a preliminary approval for renting cars and limousine. The types of service include: Issuance, renewal, adding activity, data modifying, and adding a branch.

The Ministry gives approval for the activity during the incorporation stage or adds an activity to the registry and commercial license.

It is noteworthy that the second classification relates to car rental or limousine service.

Offline Instructions

  • Download and fill out the application form.
  • Attach the following documents:
    • A certificate of keeping a name from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    • A copy of ID card
    • A copy of commercial registration
    • Submit and sign an undertaking and acknowledge the requirements of the Land Transport Licensing Department for limousine and car rental activities.
  • Submit the application form, along with the abovementioned required documents, to the Land Transport Licensing Department to complete the process.

Service Center

MOT Land Transport Licensing Department 

Additional Information

  • You can check the service information page on MOT website.
  • After filling the application form and meeting all conditions and requirements, please send them via the Land Transport Licensing Department email address: [email protected]   
  • You can also use the Land Transport Licensing Department "WhatsApp" service on (+974) 50127691 for general inquiries. Any personal information will not be disclosed and the confidentiality of data will be maintained, since this service has been designed for handling general inquiries instantly.

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How to Start a Taxi Service Business in Qatar With 10 to 15 Cars?

Vinupradha A

Qatar is an excellent place to start a business, especially if you know exactly what kind of business you want to start and how you plan to run it. Even if you're a foreigner in Qatar, you'll be surprised by the number of perks the Qatar Government can provide if you're willing to invest. The fact that Qatar's economy is still robust and developing is one of the reasons why it is perfect for a commercial endeavor.

Table of Content

Why Start a Taxi Service in Qatar?

How to Start a Taxi Service Business in Qatar With 10 to 15 Cars?

Final Words

Let Us Get Started !

Why Start a Taxi Service in Qatar?

Qatar's public transportation system has rapidly grown in recent years. If you lived in Qatar ten years ago, you might very well remember the old orange taxis- now have been replaced by Mowasalat's New Silver and Aqua Karwa Taxis. In addition to Karwa taxis, the public can now use and enjoy Mowasalat's limousine and bus services.

Well, the thing is, you can get around Qatar even if you don't own a car. To get to your destination, you can use public transportation services such as taxis, buses, and an upcoming train system, just like anywhere else in the world. In this blog, we'll give the thumbs up to taxis, which are one of the most popular modes of public transportation in Qatar because they're safe, reliable, and quick!

If you want to launch your own taxi business with 10 to 15 cars, Qatar is a fantastic spot to do so. To begin with, you must obtain the three following documents to be fully incorporated and carry out all of the activities required to run and grow your taxi service in Qatar.

The Commercial Residence (CR)

The term "Trade License" refers to a legal office space under your CR

Computer Card (also known as Signature Card or Khalid Munshiah) is used to issue your employees Residence Permits (RP)

However, starting a taxi service in Qatar offers several benefits to its investors:

Easy filing of corporate tax

No income tax or social security deductions

No taxation on exports

Low-Cost Labor Force

Best International exhibitions and conference venues

Excellent infrastructure

And amazingly more.

As the smartphone's popularity grows, people want quick taxi booking services on the go. If you own a taxi company, you no longer have to worry about managing your fleet of cars, drivers, and customers. You can provide your customers with the ease of technology to leverage your taxi booking services by developing your taxi dispatch software solution.

We have a ready made Taxi dispatching platform which focuses Qatar - Want to go for a free trail?

Now, let us see.

How to Start a Taxi Service Business in Qatar With 10 to 15 Cars?

To start a taxi service in Qatar, simply follow the steps outlined below:

Assess the Scope in Your Area

Check the scope of the online taxi booking on a local level. You can assess the demand of the business in your area by conducting surveys and understanding the locals' perspectives.

Know Your Competitors

You must collect information about your competitors, such as how much money they make per year, how long they have been in the market, their growth rate, and considerably more.

SWOT Analysis of Competitors

By evaluating your competitors' weaknesses and strengths, you can work on their weaknesses while focusing less on their strengths. It will help in getting your taxi business up and running quickly.

Plan for Future Growth

When starting a taxi service business with 10 to 15 cars, it is critical to consider the future qualifications of your company. If your business cannot expand and become a more significant venture, there is no reason to waste your time in it.

Hire a Great Mobile App Developer

Once you've figured out your taxi business plan and evaluated all of the critical factors, the most crucial thing left is to hire a great mobile app developer for an On-Demand Taxi App Development. The foundation of a successful taxi booking app like Uber is mobile app development. So, you will be unable to launch your taxi business efficiently without the help and support of skilled app developers.

Get Your Taxi App

With a shift in the conventional business process toward modern business solutions, building an app like Uber for your taxi business is one necessary change you can make to help your business climb the success ladder. If you don't already have a taxi booking software solution, contact a mobile app development company right away.

With clients' preferences constantly changing, a white-label taxi dispatch system has become critical for all taxi businesses. These apps enable you to gain more customers, improve dispatch taxi service delivery, increase revenue, and expand your business. Without customized taxi dispatch software, you will be unable to grow and compete in a highly-competitive on-demand transportation market.

Final Words

Doing taxi business in Qatar is unquestionably something you should consider. If you're an entrepreneur, you already know Qatar is a fantastic place to start a business. Since Qatar is one of the fastest-growing investment and business platforms, setting up a taxi business is the best option for a foreign investor looking to invest in Qatar. It not only offers a diverse platform for a wide range of businesses, but it also helps your company to rapidly expand and capitalize on its potential.

Want to check your app idea with expert team?

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Driving license for Qatar - Blog "Document24"

“Good afternoon! How to renew driver's license for Qatar? What documents are needed for this? I've been here for a while, haven't figured out what's what yet. I do not have international rights, but new Russian ones. Thanks in advance". Marseille, Doha.

In Qatar, you can use the rights of international type already upon arrival in the country. In this case, you can safely drive a car. But as soon as you get a resident visa, you need to retake the exams and get a Qatar driver's license.

If you have a Russian-style driver's license, you will need to retake the exam and get a Qatari license immediately upon arrival.

If you don't have a license at all, you can get one in Qatar. For this, there are special driving courses. These courses are obligatory even in case of good driving skills.

Driving schools in Qatar

Citizens without a driver's license are offered courses lasting 24 hours or 40. Depending on which gearbox you are going to drive. Those who already have rights can choose a course of any duration, even an abbreviated one - 12 hours.

You don't have to study theory to get a driver's license in Qatar. Since the courses involve only practical exercises. If you cannot communicate with the instructor in Arabic, you can study with an English-speaking one. This also applies to taking the exam. The exam consists of three parts, just like in Russia (theory/racing track/practice).

Driver's license for Qatar: required documents

To obtain a driver's license in Qatar, the following documents are required:

  • Russian driving license (if any).
  • Identity card (if the resident visa is open).
  • Original and copy of the international passport (if the resident visa is not yet open).
  • Extract from the optometrist.

The certificate must be in the official language of Qatar, or in English. In the case of Russian rights, they are asked to translate them into one of the languages ​​​​and certify it at the Embassy of Qatar in the Russian Federation.

The problem is that the Qatari embassy does not certify translations. You can solve the problem in the following way:

  1. Get a certificate from the traffic police about the issued rights.
  2. Translate Help into English or Arabic.
  3. Certify the certificate in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.
  4. Certify in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
  5. Legalize at the Embassy of Qatar.

At all stages, your personal presence and power of attorney is not required. Order legalization.

Driving license for Qatar. Sample.
This is a plastic card. The data is filled in two languages: Arabic and English. The validity period is 10 years.

Information prepared by a Document24 specialist. You can ask a question to a specialist in the form below.


Legalization expert

We are working!

Short link to the article:

Transportation in Doha, Practical advice in Qatar

There is no public train, tram or metro in Qatar and Doha. A metro and integrated rail network is planned in Doha and Qatar, with construction scheduled to begin in 2013. This project will be controlled by Qatar Rail.

Doha Public Bus

There is a public bus system in Doha and between Doha and other cities. It is run by the government "> Mowasalat.

The buses in Doha are air-conditioned and modern, with an area reserved in front of them for women and children. You can take the bus in Doha at designated stops Outside the city you can flag buses on major intercity routes Bus routes can be found on the Mowasalat website

To travel by bus to Doha, passengers must purchase a Karwa smart card, which replaced cash fares in 2011. Cards are removed when boarding and disembarking from the bus, and the charge for the distance traveled is removed. The fare within the city is QR 3-4 and the fare from Doha to other cities is QR 4-9.

Smart cards can be purchased at the Al Ghanim bus station on Grand Hamad Street and other small vendors throughout the city. A complete list of providers can be found on the Karwa Smartcard website. Cards can be topped up at merchants who sell them, as well as at the vending machine at the Al Ghanim bus station. Smart cards cost 30 QR; QR 20 of this fare credit, while QR 10 is withheld until the total amount of QR has been used on the card. If you are traveling by bus without a smart card, you will be charged a "No Card Fee" of 30 QR.

Doha Ferries / Boats

Private boats available to travel to Al Saflia Island in Doha Harbor for 1400-2000 rials roundtrip. Walks on dhows (traditional sailing boats) along the city harbor are also available. Water taxis are also available in the development of Pearl Qatar.

Doha Airport

Doha International Airport was replaced in 2013 by Hamad International Airport (HIA) , located 30 minutes from Doha West Bay. DOH is now used for general aviation college and military operations. The HIA features free Wi-Fi, shops and restaurants. Information on bus routes to Hamad International Airport can be found. here.

The national carrier of Qatar is Qatar Airways, headquartered at the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha, with flights to 100 destinations.

Transportation to/from the airport

Transfer: hotels in Doha can arrange airport shuttles through private drivers.
Bus : To HIA: Lines 109 and 747. Detailed route information on the Mowasalat website.
Trip : To HIA: Approximately 30 minutes from West Bay. From the city centre, take the Corniche, then take the Ras Abu Abboud motorway to the airport.
Taxi : To DOH: Karwa Taxi Service, +974 4458 8888, 25 QR

Doha Taxi

Qatar has a public taxi service operated by Mowasalat (the same company that oversees Doha's public bus system).

Doha's bus system is modern, but can be very busy during peak hours and congested. during peak hours. Taxis in Doha are air conditioned and can be recognized by their distinctive green color.

You can order a taxi by calling 4458 8888, but there will be a long wait. during peak hours for the arrival of a taxi. You are allowed to hail a taxi on the street, but this can also be difficult during peak times. Taxis are collected at malls and hotels, where they are sometimes easier to hail.

Doha Taxi

Karwa Taxi & Bus
Tel: +974 4458 8888

In addition to using the Karwa taxi service, you can also hire a private driver or limousine.

Al Watan Limousine Company
Phone: +974 4447 7999
Cost: QR 30 inside Doha, QR 60 outside Doha.

Rental with driver
Phone: +974 4444 5456

City limousine
Phone: +974 4444 2111
Cost: 50-60 QR for 1 hour, 30 QR for 7 km, 500 QR for a full day +974 4488 0177
Cost: 25 QR for 3 km, 30 QR for 6 km, 40 QR for 10 km, 500 QR for a full day Phone: +974 4462 2777

Select fast rental of car and transport
phone: +974 4418 2225

Taxi Lumin Afsal Service
Phone: +974 5505 1864

Cabz Transport
Phone: +974 4441 8144
qr cost: 25 qr cost: 25 qr cost: 25 qr cost: 25 q distance up to 5 km, 35 QR for distance up to 10 km plus 2 QR for each additional km.

Taxi fare and tips in Doha

Taxi in Doha with a meter. There is an initial fee of 4 QR, at a rate of 1.20 QR per kilometer thereafter during the day and 1.80 QR at night.

If you book a taxi by phone, a booking fee of QR 4 will apply.

Limousine Community Service (Karwa) charges 20 QR as the base rate and 2 QR for every further kilometer, day and night.

Cars and driving in Qatar

You can drive in Qatar with a foreign driver's license within 7 days of your arrival date. You can drive with an International Driving Permit for up to 6 months in Qatar. After that, you will need to apply for a temporary or permanent Qatari driver's license. You can only apply for a driver's license in Qatar if you have a residence permit. Application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

High traffic speed in Qatar and minor accidents are common. Wide roundabouts are commonly used without lights or other regulations that may intimidate expatriate drivers. A good way to gain a sense of confidence when driving around the city for the first time is to drive on Friday, the day of prayer in Doha, when the roads are less busy.

It is an offense to leave the scene of an accident in Qatar. If you are in an accident, stay with the car. However, if no one has been injured and it is safe, you can move your vehicle to a safer location. You will need to obtain a certificate from the police for insurance purposes. Traffic violations can be paid online through href=""> on the website of the Ministry of the Interior or at MOI's bilingual self-service kiosks located at Villaggio Mall, Landmark Mall, and Qatar Post Headquarters.

Buying a car in Qatar

Buying and operating a car in Qatar is much cheaper than in Europe because fuel is much cheaper and the retail price of a car can be half that of other countries. Most major automakers have offices in Doha. To buy a car in Qatar, you must:

  • Have a residence permit
  • Car insurance
  • Documentation of any financial arrangements with a bank, employer or dealership

All vehicles in Qatar must be registered with href = "http://www."> Traffic Department of the Ministry of the Interior, but when buying new vehicles this is usually deals with the dealership. Cars in Qatar are left-hand drive.

To buy a used car in Qatar, you can go through a car dealership or classifieds. You can find ads online, in newspapers and on Easy Expat Classifieds. When buying a used car, ownership must be transferred between the buyer and seller as part of the registration process.

Importing a car into Doha

To import a car into Doha, you must first obtain a residence permit. When deciding whether to import a car or not, take into account the value of your car and similar vehicles in Qatar. Import duty on cars in Qatar is 5% of the value of the car. value.

Imported vehicles must be registered within fourteen days of arrival in Qatar. You must also purchase temporary insurance for 100 QR when your vehicle enters the country. When importing a car into Qatar, you must provide proof of:

  • Title deed of origin
  • Original and certified invoice, receipt or purchase showing the value of your vehicle.
  • Original import manifest
  • Certificate of registration from your country
  • Current insurance policy

Imported vehicles must also pass a test which is conducted by Fahres on behalf of the Doha Police. The cost of this test is 75 QR and must be completed before your vehicle is registered.

For more information on imports, see our Customs and Imports section.

Register a car in Doha

To register a car in Doha, you must obtain an application form from the Ministry. traffic department. Their offices are open from 07:00 to 11:00 and from 06:00 to 19:00.

To register a car in Qatar, send:

  • Insurance documents
  • Qatar ID
  • Registration fee of 100 QR (paid by credit card only)
  • Letter of No Objection from the car owner's sponsor
  • Copy of your sponsor's ID

If you are registering a used vehicle, the salesperson must be present and both you and the salesperson must show their ID and residency.

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