How long is a limousine car

Differences between stretch limo and limousine

You might be surprised, but limousine as a concept dates back well before the invention of motorized automobiles.

Even during the era of horses-and-carriages, wealthy people enjoyed transportation with a personal coachman.

Yes, even in the past personal coachman’s were something wanted! | Image source

Throughout the centuries, chauffeurs ferried rich people around in a separate cabin, hidden from public sight.

Therefore, limousine doesn’t refer to the type of car but is a rather generic term.

Accordingly, limousines are distinguished by a glass partition that separates the driver’s seat from the passenger compartment.

They are also luxurious and stylish.

Sunset in a stretch limousine – Why not?

The origin of all limousines

Private vehicles with personal chauffeurs were especially popular in Europe.

In fact, the term ‘limousine’ supposedly originates from the word Limousin, which is the name of a province in France. This region lies in the foot of the Massif Central, an area with long and cold winters, and a lot of snowy days.

In the region, shepherding was the main occupation. To protect themselves from harsh weather, the shepherds wore cloaks with large hoods.

The covered compartment of the first automobiles looked like a raised hood of the cloak that shepherds of the Limousin region wore. This is how the word ‘limousine’ got its today’s meaning.

Mercedes Limousine Interior

Regular vehicle or a limousine – how to tell?

Although a taxi also comes with a driver, it is easy to distinguish it from a limousine. Limousine is a luxury car that often has special amenities and comes in different sizes.

The limousine can be a town car, a sedan, a mini SUV, an SUV, a flex-fuel, a hybrid, or a stretch limousine. Even vans and party buses count as limousines when they are provided by a limo company and equipped with gadgets and have a professional chauffeur.

The two types of limousines most commonly used are the regular and the stretch limousine. Read further to find out how to differentiate the two.

Difference between a stretch limo and a regular limo

As we stated above, there are many different types of limousines.

Their differences lie in the size, purpose, the number of passengers they can accommodate, their colors, amenities, occasions they are the most suitable for, personal preferences of passengers, and similar.  

It is the same with regular limos and stretch limos. They differ in the following characteristics:

  • The size and number of passengers
  • Amenities
  • Purpose
Mercedes regular limo

Sedan limousines characteristics

When you mention a limousine, people usually think of a luxury sedan or saloon car, since it is the most common.

The word ‘sedan’ roots from the Latin word ‘sedes/sedere’ which means “to sit”. Italian word ‘sede’ means ‘chair’, or – to be more precise – a ‘covered chair on poles’, something like an enclosed litter. That is how in the early 1600s we got the Italian word sedan.

A standard sedan limousine can fit three people comfortably. They usually serve as a means of transportation for business people, their clients, and executives.

Mercedes sedan limousine – Perfect line

Sedans are also perfect for indiscreet transportation, as they can easily blend into traffic and not draw much attention.

Though smaller than stretch limos, regular limos are still very comfortable, have got a lot of legroom, and provide a large trunk for optimum storing capacity.

Although they don’t come with the same equipment, sedans provide the feeling of riding in a very luxurious car. 

However, newer models also come with modern amenities such as:

  • heated rear seats
  • remotely controlled air conditioning
  • a stereo
  • adjustable rear head restraints
  • Security features such as armoring and bulletproof glass

The regular limo, either a sedan or a town car, is a classy, old-school and sophisticated vehicle, which makes it the king of all the limousines.

So, what is a stretch limo?

Stretch Limousine

Stretch limousines are actually extended versions of a large sedan.

To portray it, the chassis of the limousine has been extended, i.e. it has got lengthened wheelbase.

How long is the typical stretch limousine (in meters)?

A typical stretch limo is about 10 meters long, with a 3-meters-long stretch.

By Guinness World Record, the longest limo in the world ever built was 30 meters long.

It had impressive 72 seats, 26 wheels, and even a helicopter landing pad and was named the “American Dream”.

Both stretch limo and regular limo usually have 4 doors.

But The Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch model has 5 doors for easier entering and exiting of the limo.

It is very important not to open and close the door because that is the chauffeur’s job, otherwise you’d show them disrespect. Chauffeurs take their role very seriously, so just enjoy the ride, and let them do their job.

Professional (personal) chauffeur opening limo door

What is the difference between driver and a chaffeur? Find out here!

Stretch limos usually can accommodate up to six people comfortably. But, there are some types of stretch limos today that classify as the six-pack, the eight-pack, and the ten-pack. However, it doesn’t mean that they accommodate that many people comfortably, but rather one or two passengers less.

Stretch limos are therefore perfect for the transportation of a group of friends, a family, or several business associates. They come in various colors and models and they are used for a variety of occasions.

From amenities, they are equipped with TV screens, tinted windows, stereo system, fiber optic lighting, a full beverage refrigerator, and even hot tubs. How thoughtful, isn’t it?

Stretch limousines tend to be romantic, which is why they are mostly used for weddings. They are considered elegant and stylish and are associated with high-class events.

Stretch limousine is also excellent as a backdrop for photographs. If you want classy, elegant, and charming photos to keep memories on your wedding day or a prom night, stretch limos are the perfect background.

Black Mercedes-Benz limousine

How much do the limos cost?

Nowadays the limousine represents the main example of expensive and luxurious ground transportation. It is synonymous with power and wealth since government officials all over the world use them. It is also a symbol of elegant events like weddings, prom, funerals, business openings, and award ceremonies.

Determining the most expensive limousine is easy, which is not the case with determining the most luxurious one since it is a matter of personal taste. Simply said, there is no universal standard for labeling the most luxurious limousine.

Stretch limousine inside

Since determining the most luxurious limousine is not possible (it varies from individual to individual), we will list the most expensive limousines known today.

  1. Cadillac XTS Limousine, entry-level price is $48,635. This model is the expansion of Cadillac’s XTS Sedan, a stretch version with three doors on both sides of the car. It appeared in 2012, either in Ontario or in Shanghai, with a six-cylinder engine.
  2. Lincoln MKS Limousine, entry-level price is $49,800. This is a stretch version of the MKS four-door sedan.
  3.  Porsche Cayenne Limousine, entry-level price is $75,000. This model is a stretch version of Porsche’s Cayenne SUV. It is equipped with an eight-cylinder engine.
  4. Chrysler 300 Limousine, entry-level price is $140,000. This model is a long stretch version of Chrysler’s 300 sedans. This is considered to be one of the best stretch limousines with a V8 HEMI engine.
  5. Mercedes Benz S Class, entry-level price is $154,000. The stretch version has three doors on both sides, just like the Cadillac XTS stretch. It has a twelve-cylinder engine.
  6. Cadillac One, the price is $300,000. The price is in a way justifiable because its only customer is the President of the USA.
  7. Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB, entry-level price is $470,295. It is equipped with a twelve-cylinder engine and usually chosen for weddings and other elegant events.
  8. Toyota Century Royal, the price is $534,135. It is made for the Emperor of Japan, who is the only one user. It has a twelve-cylinder engine.

Limo rental prices

The average price of limo rental is $70 to $150 per hour and $425 to $950 for a night.

The price of a limo rental for a wedding varies from $500 to $1,100, while limo rental prices for prom vary from $270 to $400.

Limo rental prices

You should also take into consideration what kind of vehicle you rent, how many people will use it and how long, the location, and how many stops you will make.

For example, the price of a stretch limo that holds 20 people for a day would be $500 to $1,250.

Due to higher demand, it is more expensive to rent a limo for a night. The price of a stretch limo that holds 20 people for a night would be $950. This also applies to weekends, for example, if the rental price during the week is $90 per hour, then it is $120 per hour on weekends.

The price depends on three main factors:

  • the type of a limo
  • the number of passengers
  • the price per hour

Here is a list below:

  • Luxury sedan                3–4                  $40–$70 + tip
  • Small limo                     6–8                   $60–$80 + tip
  • Large limo                     9–12                 $75–$130 + tip
  • Stretch limo                  up to 20            $100–$250 + tip
  • Stretch Hummer          up to 20            $100–$300 + tip

How much should you tip a limo chauffeur?

It is simple. You just add 15-20% of the limo rental price.

When you call a limo service, tell them the occasion and how many passengers will be with you, and they will help you to decide what type of limo you need.

What can you do inside a limo?

Here are some suggestions for having a great time while in a limo:

  • Have something to drink – if you are old enough options are bigger
  • Listen to the music – the chauffeur will be glad to indulge your music taste
  • Relax – rest in luxurious style
  • Watch movies – turn on the TV and find your favorite movie
  • Play video games – one more entertaining way that limo can provide

Interesting fun facts

Limo fun fact no. 1:

There are super stretch limos that can seat up to 14 people. Some models can even seat up to 20.

These cars are very large and come in many different models: Lincoln Town Cars, Hummers, Deville’s, Escalades, Excursions, and Party Buses. They come in various colors, but the most popular is – believe it or not – pink!

They are excellent for birthday or bachelor/bachelorette parties because they allow you and your friends to travel together.

Super stretch limos are fully equipped with modern technology gadgets and other commodities, like a dance floor, so the fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

Because of their length, it is not easy to get in and out of super-stretch limo, so many come with side rear doors now. For easier access, many companies have started building super stretch limousines with five doors.

Because of their length, it is difficult to maneuver these vehicles, so their chauffeurs must be highly experienced and properly licensed.

Limo fun fact no. 2:

Limousines are usually owned by governments to transport statesmen and politicians, by large companies to transport executives and clients, by broadcasters to transport their guests, and some are owned by individuals.

However, private individuals rarely own stretch limousines. Most manufacturers of stretch limousines are located in Europe and the United States and supply mainly limousine companies.

Edelswiss – Perfect limousine company for your trip in Switzerland

Stretch limousine requires a lot of space on the road and a drop-off/pickup space for these cars is a challenge compared to regular sedans.

Public roads are crowded and there is a problem with parking as well. All over the world, most parking lots are only fit for regular passenger cars. Roadside parking is mostly forbidden, too.

The only place to park such large vehicles would be in an area foreseen for parking of heavy vehicles, along with buses and trucks. So much about class and luxury, huh?

Limo fun fact no. 3:

Be cautious! Despite the overall safety of limos, the industry remains largely unregulated. And stretch limousines are less safe, especially those that are converted.

Missing protections include side-impact airbags, accessible emergency exits, and reinforced rollover protection bars. Additionally, due to the lack of regulations, driver qualifications may not be scrutinized.

With such large vehicles, making a U-turn is quite problematic and challenging. This applies to so-to-tell Franken-creations.

White stretch limousine -parked

However, factory-built stretch limos are required to meet strict safety regulations and serious companies hire drivers only after they pass full background check and training.

Our aim was not to scare you with some of these facts but to warn you to inquire about all the safety features of the limousine you are about to rent so that you can relax and enjoy your ride.

The most popular stretch limousines in the world

  1. British company Prestige Limousine created the first-ever 400-hp Ferrari F1 360 limousine by adding nonstructural carbon-fiber panels bonded to the existing Ferrari. This limo comes with enormous Ferrari-red gull-wing doors.
  2. Custom-built 312-horsepower Camaro limousine by Avolar Limo. It is known by the nickname Bumblebee Transformers. The reason is obvious.
  3. The Indycar-style GP limo by Canadian Michael Pettipas is the luxury monster truck.
  4. The look-alike Batmobile limo is fitted with all the gadgets the original Batmobile had.
  5. The Vault by Armored Limo is the ideal ride for an upscale heist during a bachelor party.
  6. The 350-hp Monster Limo has hugest tires – over 120 cm in diameter!
  7. The v-class VIP Limousine from KLASSEN is the ultimate stretch limo built around the V-class Mercedes-Benz van. Everything in this limo can be controlled with an app.


To summarize, the limousine can provide you with amenities that a regular car cannot. For instance, its length gives you lots of space for different purposes.

You won’t come across a lot of people who will buy it as a family car, because the limousine is regarded as the ride that is usually reserved for only special occasions.

Limo vs. stretch limo?

We stated that they differ in the following characteristics: the size and number of passengers, amenities, and purpose.

You also won’t have any second thoughts about what a stretch limo is, now you know it is the extended version of a large sedan. Both a regular limousine and a stretch limousine can be called a limo.

It is interesting to know their prices even though you probably won’t buy them, but who knows what life will bring?

If not buying, renting a limo is always an option.

Limousines of any shape and sizes are exciting and great fun!

Choose the best one for yourself and have the most memorable event in life.

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Choosing the Best Length For Your Limo business

When buying a limo, you will come across several options. These include different choices that come in a variety of lengths. You will find some limos that are relatively short but still spacious enough for all sorts of entertainment purposes. You will also find some huge limos that are several feet long and can handle an entire party.

Choosing the Best Length For Your Limo

You must think about your overall needs for a limousine when you are aiming to find one with a length that suits you. There are several length options to choose from but you have to think carefully about not only what is available but also how well something fits in with your demands.

It should be noted quickly that limos are typically listed by length in inches instead of the number of people who can fit inside. Each limo is unique in terms of what’s on the inside. This makes it to where the capacity may vary for each choice you come across.

The length of a limousine can certainly be intriguing to see but you should at least be careful when finding an option that you know works right. You have to look carefully to find a stretch limo for sale. And then is it capable of handling whatever it is you want to do with your limousine?

How Big Are Smaller Options?

Typical small limos are made to be around 70 or 80 inches in length. This should be a good enough length to create a nice passenger space that has a few bench seats, a nice bar area and plenty of legroom. As small as such a limo might be, it will still come with plenty of quality features.
This is clearly designed with smaller parties in mind. Such a limousine can come with a nice television set or two and some captain’s chairs instead of bench seats depending on the model. It should be comfortable for everyone who can fit into it.

A smaller limousine might be good for when you’re aiming to transport people to and from a hotel or airport. The nice and small body is not too intense while there is still enough space for a VIP or other special party that is coming in for whatever reason.

Some smaller choices might be built inside of an SUV or station wagon among other vehicle that has been converted to become a limo. Such a conversion will entail the addition of a bar, television set and other features you’d expect to find in a limousine. The seating may be similar to what a traditional vehicle has though.

What About a Mid-Range Choice?

You can always opt for a limousine that is closer to 100 inches long if you prefer. This is clearly made with a larger number of people in mind but can also work with a little bit of extra space for more features.

A longer limousine will come with more bench seating spots and even a longer bar. Still, the differences between a medium and small-length limos might not be as vast as you’d expect. You would have to compare options side by side when figuring out what make these stand out.

How About a Larger Option?

You can also find a limousines that are about 120 or 130 inches long. This is perfect if you want to buy a limousine that caters to larger groups of people. You could probably fit five to ten people in such a vehicle depending on what they bring on board and how they will use the it.

Such a larger car will be ideal for business groups that are traveling together. You could also use a larger vehicle to pick up a series of high school-age couples that will be heading out to or from a prom.

You’re more likely to come across a J-bench seat for such a larger limousine like this than anything else. This type of service will often entail a bar that is stretched along one end of the vehicle. A larger television set or even multiple sets may be included in yours.

You could even find a VIP area in some of these larger limos. This is found near the end of the limousines and comes in a U-shaped bench format in most cases.

You Can Still Go Bigger

While a massive 120 or 130-inch limo might be appealing, there is always the option for you to get something even larger. You can opt for a huge limo that is from 170 to 200 inches in length, for instance.

A longer limo like this will typically come with a vast variety of special features that make it stand out. You’ll typically come across a much larger television set that is about the size of what you might have in your living room. The bar area may be a little larger in size and even engineered with water taps depending on the model.

The audio system in one of these limos will typically be much larger and more powerful than anything else you might find. You might be impressed at how well such a limo can work for your entertainment needs.

Meanwhile, there might be multiple sections for different people. This can entail two separate sections with different seating spots or color patterns. This could entail one spot for VIP clients and another for basic users. This is ideal for when you’re aiming to rent out your limo to a high-end client that will spend more for the privilege to use something special.

A Big Option Can Be a Little Different

Needless to say, you might come across a more unique option when aiming to get a good limo that is 150 inches long or greater. You might find something that features a big SUV-like body. Vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade are available in extended limo forms and will certainly be much larger in size.

You might also find a large party bus in some cases. A party bus is clearly designed with a much higher ceiling, more technical features and a larger series of lights. This even has its own bathroom space and a spot at the bottom for securing vast amounts of luggage. This is better for longer trips rather than for when you’re picking people from the airport or other traditional spots.

Think About What Goes Inside

No matter what you choose, you have to think carefully about what will go inside your limo. You might have enough room for plenty of people but that doesn’t mean you have enough space for their bags.

When picking people up from a hotel or airport, you might have to take their bags with them. A 70-inch limo might have its own trunk but that doesn’t mean everyone’s bags will fit in there just fine. The space inside the main cabin must be considered in the event that someone has to carry a bag into it.

The fact is that the limo trunk size is about the same as what you’d find in a typical sedan. This is regardless of how long your limo size. Depending on where you keep a kit for cleaning your bar and other features inside the cabin, the size might be even smaller if you have maintenance items inside it.

Space clearly will not be a concern if you plan on buying a limo so you can rent it out for weddings. Still, you have to think about how comfortable a couple of honor will feel when in the limo. After all, sometimes two people need more than enough space to relax after a memorable ceremony.

How Will You Use Your Limo?

Don’t forget to look at what you plan on doing with your limo. You’ll benefit from a smaller limo if you just plan on using it for picking up people at a hotel or airport or convention center. A smaller limo may also be useful if you plan on transporting couples to and from weddings.

Meanwhile, a much larger limo might be better for cases where you’re going to carry more people at a given time. This is especially great if you’re going to frequent a local convention center or other larger meeting space where dozens or hundreds of people might visit at a given time.

A larger limo will also be great for cases where you’ve got more traditional events that require more people that you might serve. You might need a larger limo if you’re going to bring people to and from funeral events, what with funeral receptions being so large. A larger option may work well for proms where you’ve got several couples going to an event like this together.

Think carefully about how you’re going to use your limo in any case. You must make sure the limo you choose is sized well enough.

Choosing the Best Length For Your Limo – Conclusion

Remember to watch for whatever you want to get out of your limo no matter what your desires might be for it. We hope that our information will help you in choosing the best way to find limousines in a vast variety of sizes and configurations.   This should make it easier for you to find a good choice that you know will be beneficial for any special event.

Still, you should look carefully at each limo model you are interested in. Looking into what you plan on doing with your limo is especially important to consider. You can certainly benefit from having an impressive limo but it will work better if you know what you’re going to get out of it and if a particular model is long enough for your demands. Order a limousine today.

The longest limousine, the largest limousine, the longest limousines in the world

The limousine is often called the "cool" car, some stars compete among themselves to become the owner of the longest limousine. These cars can often be seen in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The "coolest" limousine

The pursuit of excellence is very difficult to drive into the framework, so more and more "cool" limousines appear from time to time. The race for leadership sometimes does not fit into the framework of elementary logic.

Long limousines are considered the coolest

Midnight Rider - this is the intriguing and loud name of the limousine, recognized as one of the coolest. This is the most expensive and tallest car. He is able to take on board forty guests. Its attendants are two drivers, a bartender, an engineer and a hostess.

Midnight Rider has multiple living quarters, a spacious bathroom and 1800-watt acoustics. Looking at this giant, it is difficult to call it a limousine, it looks more like a hotel on wheels. In fact, the limousine itself is a trailer on wheels. He will not be able to go anywhere without a tractor and a truck driver.

Midnight Rider Limousine is a hotel on wheels

The Guinness Book of Records considered this limousine the largest and heaviest of all. Its length is twenty-one meters, and its weight is about twenty-five tons. This giant machine was built from 1997 to 2004. In other words, it can be called an equipped trailer for a tractor.

Midnight Rider is located in Southern California. He is able to move on any road that allows you to make a turn with a radius of fourteen meters.

The longest limousine in the world on the road

The limousine consists of 4200 parts. It is noteworthy that ninety percent of them are made to order or by hand. The body is made of stainless steel, which is sixteen times thicker than the steel that trailers are usually made from. Parts of the limousine are connected by welds, similar to those used in aircraft construction. There are one thousand four hundred such seams. Thanks to such a strong body, passengers feel protected. The internal area of ​​the limousine is huge - it is forty square meters.

The interior of the longest limousine in the world, Midnight Rider

The interior of the Midnight Rider is reminiscent of a presidential train car from the second half of the nineteenth century, with lots of polished wood and glass. In total, there are three halls in the car, each with a bar, TV and telephone. His rent per hour is nothing more than one thousand dollars.

Renting the coolest limousine in the world costs a thousand dollars an hour

The biggest limousines in St. Petersburg and Moscow

Large limousines can boast of Moscow, as well as the northern capital. I must say, a limousine is not often seen on city streets, as it is not at all an everyday means of transportation. More often, rich and influential people become owners, and a limousine is an opportunity for them to once again emphasize their status.

There are a lot of luxurious limousines in Moscow

Limousines in Russia are made by order of organizations or individuals by tuning studios. Both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow there are exclusive limousines of different models.

Philip Kirkorov was the owner of a huge Hummer limousine, which Alla Pugacheva gave him at one time. Leonid Yarmolnik also has a limousine.

There is a Hummer H2 limousine in Moscow. Its maximum capacity is thirty-six people. It is considered the longest limousine of this brand; it is rented out in the capital.

Russian celebrities have their own limousines

In Russia today there is a limousine that is twenty-six centimeters longer than the Cadillac limousine once bought by Sylvester Stallone. The actor bought it from hand and, with the help of a designer, converted it so that it could compete with the longest limousines in the world. The Russian limousine can carry twenty-two people and is fifteen meters long.

The world's largest limousine

For a long time, the Midnight Rider limousine was considered the longest, but now it is only in second place. Although the championship in the amount of alcohol, "living space" and sofas still remains with him.

The limousine, which was created as a showpiece, was eight meters longer. His owner is Californian Jay Orberg. He calls his long car "The American Dream." The length of the car is thirty meters forty-eight centimeters, and the weight is ten tons.

The American Dream limousine is now the longest in the world.

The American Dream's appearance is such that it looks like it has solid windows. The limousine has two motors, a helipad, twelve axles, twenty-six wheels. For its turn, you need a huge space, so the car is equipped with two driver's compartments - front and rear. This allows for comfortable transportation in both directions.

Despite the fact that the car was created as an exhibition model, the owner is ready to rent it for various events. In such a vehicle, it is not always possible to move along the streets, so only specially trained drivers drive it.

The interiors of the limousines even have a jacuzzi

The passenger compartment is no less remarkable, it is equipped with a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a solarium and a large bed. It also has chic leather sofas, a bar and TVs. This long car mainly serves as an exhibition piece. For the funds received from photographing his photo, the owner of the limousine lives.

By the way, limousines are not the most stolen cars. Very different models are in great demand in this area. The site has a detailed article about which cars are stolen most often.

The length of the longest limousine in the world is 30.5 meters

The longest limousine in the world was invented and designed by Jay Orberg of Burbank, California. The unusualness of the vehicle lies in its length, which is 30 and a half meters. Thanks to this, the car got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Limousine is a multifunctional vehicle with 26 wheels. It has a double driver's cab, one in front and one in the rear, for comfortable transportation of cars in both directions. Just imagine how much space it takes to unfold this invention!

The car was created as an exhibition piece, but its owner allows you to rent a limousine for various events and events. Naturally, the limousine is technically simply not suitable for driving along the streets due to its excessive length, therefore, its movement is provided with the help of specially trained drivers.

The most remarkable part of the limousine is the passenger compartment, dazzling with an abundance of modern and luxurious fixtures and fittings. The heated jacuzzi fits perfectly into the interior, along with the solarium, swimming pool and large bed. Also, the car is equipped with its own satellite dish.


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The deepest pool in the world

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A Sikh from India wears the largest turban in the world - 45 kg

Avtar Singh Mauni of Punjab, India, owner of the largest turban in the world. The huge headdress of a devout Sikh is 645 meters of fabric weighing 45 kg. It took Avtar Singh a full 16 years to assemble the turban, and it takes six hours to put it on. And after that, you think that you have problems with getting ready for work in the morning? A 60-year-old man is proud of his unusual multi-colored turban and claims that he will wear it as long as he can… Read more…

This man has the highest IQ of all time

Everyone in the room starts to feel stupid when Kim Ung-young walks in. Why? Because his IQ is 210, which is a world record. Born in 1963 in Seoul, South Korea, Kim was a child prodigy of epic proportions. He began to speak at the age of 6 months, and to read in Japanese, Korean, German, English, and other languages ​​when he celebrated his third birthday. A year later, Kim already remembered about 2,000 words from English and German… Read more…

You can put your hand through the world's largest "tunnel" in the ear

Kala Kaiwi is a Hawaiian tattoo and body modification artist who recently set a Guinness World Record for non-surgical earlobe rings. Such body modifications are also known as "tunnels", and in this case, the diameter of the ring inserted into the earlobe reaches 10.5 cm. Through such a ring, you can freely stick your hand.

World's fastest speaking woman speaks 11 words per second

Fran Capo, nicknamed "mouth motor", speaks very fast. This woman speaks over 600 words per minute, and 11 words per second! At such a high speed, you will not always be able to make out what exactly she is saying. We somehow happened to watch a video recording of her reading the fairy tale "3 Little Pigs", and we stopped keeping up with her after about 15 seconds.

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