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We are your dedicated concierge transportation team with 43 years of expertise. Manage transportation personally or administratively anywhere on the globe online. Our flight monitoring technology allows our professional chauffeur & office operations to be dependable. Inquire: [email protected]

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Our professional Airport Transportation Services cater to our clients globally. Our team actively tracks incoming flights for a peaceful travel experience. We take extreme measures to ensure our chauffeurs are reliable anywhere your travels take you. 

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Professional Event Transportation Services with attention to comfort, convenience and luxury. Our bus fleet is hand selected for ensuring our guests commute pleasantly. We specialize in event transportation logistics of any size.

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Nights on the town with an added layer of safety and luxury. Our chauffeurs are at your service accommodating all your travel needs. A passenger's wish is our chauffeur's command. We navigate you through the city lights while granting you a night to enjoy your company.

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Travel services that ease the frustration and risks associated with transporting your employees in groups.Offering equipment that varies from luxury and standard Vans & Buses. Gem can accommodate the corporate image you desire.

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I first experienced Gem Limo nearly 13 years ago for work travel and have always been incredibly pleased with their professionalism and reliability. I travel reasonably frequently and am always glad to use their services. The drivers are professional and safe and communicate well in a variety of circumstances. I have had instances where my arrival terminal was changed mid flight or my flight was significantly delayed -and they are always there, as promised, ready for me. I have been so pleased that I have also used them for personal trips. I just find the professionalism and reliability to be second to none. Over the past 13 years, I have also observed the business keep pace with technology and continue to hire and train with an emphasis on reliability and customer service. Can't say enough good things about this business.


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Gem Limousine Worldwide is a (WBENC) Woman Business Enterprise and Family Owned corporate and personal global ground-transportation company with over 42 years of experience. Dedicated to our professional clientele & committed team, we consistently invest in technology, vehicles & our infrastructure to promote superior service levels & equip our employees with tools to provide our services seamlessly on a global scale. Gem chauffeurs are licensed, trained and mentored; working alongside our office & dispatch team to ensure a smooth ride, every time. Our services span from individual travelers to large scale events, with vehicles ranging from Sedans to Motor-Coaches. Our investment in technology enables us to efficiently support management of our transportation services online, via our mobile app and even corporate connectivity to corporate travel tools such as, but not limited to Concur. Our clients can expect the same level of professional services throughout the globe, exceeding Service Level Agreements for Fortune 500 corporations.

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No matter the destination, our clients fly with confidence as our team monitors flight arrival times. Our Meet & Greet Airport Transportation services are available in over 650 worldwide cities, our passengers are alerted via text & email when our chauffeurs arrive on location. To further our client experience, we recommend downloading our Mobile App whereas tracking your chauffeur's exact location is readily available.

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Our Founder, Barbara Chirico was awarded Top 25 Leading Woman Business Entreprenuers. Barbara founded Gem Limousine in the comfort of her own home and led Gem to be one of the most respected transportation companies in the entire travel industry.

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Gem Limousine Worldwide is an extremely social organization; providing valuable information to all of our listeners. Recently, we've begun creating short films to promote our services and the entire travel industry as a whole. Gem values each employee - all are truly a professional in Travel! 

Safety & Reliability is Our Top Priority

Experienced fleet managers, mechanics and technicians operate Gem Limousine’s state-of-the-art maintenance facility equipped with computerized diagnostics, lift-equipped service bays and an on-site car washing system. An aggressive and highly organized maintenance program optimizes the comfort and reliability of our vehicles and the safety of our passengers.

Our Commitment to the Future

Our commitment to excellence goes far beyond providing exceptional service to each and every client. We are also dedicated to preserving the environment with a comprehensive range of "green initiatives." We are leading the way within our industry with programs to lower emissions and promoting a more sustainable business model. We promote paperless transactions & recycle used tires & motor-oil.

Employee Recruiting & Training

All Gem Limousine Chauffeur Recruits undergo:

  • Extensive criminal background checks

  • DMV abstract evaluations

  • Drug screening & testing

  • Chauffeur licensing

  • Chauffeur training & development programs

  • Geography training and testing

  • Trained and tested in the "Art of Chauffeuring. "

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Location may be everything, but transportation can be the key to a smoothly operated meeting or conference program. Gem Limousine develops efficient transportation systems that deliver attendees and guests to their destinations on time and in comfort. Whether it's a simple transfer, or a logistically complex shuttle system, we provide the vehicles and communication systems to ensure that every aspect of your program run perfectly. Gem Limousine offers a wide range of ground transportation alternatives for groups.

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We add Value. We combine the flexibility of local market expertise with the financial strength and technological innovation of an international alliance of market-leading partners. Gem Limousine’s worldwide affiliate network provides transportation for our clients in more than 500 service locations around the world. Our "one call" philosophy ensures that you have peace of mind whether you are in the New York Metropolitan Area, or thousands of miles from home.

Consistently Ranked #1 in the Industry

In an industry that boasts nearly 20,000 operators, Gem Limousine was rated #1 by the international trade publication, Limousine & Chauffeured Transportation, with its prestigious "Limousine Operator of the Year" award (we have twice been a runner-up in that same category). We are certified as a WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council) as well as certified by the state of New Jersey as a Woman Business Enterprise under the Unified Certification Act.


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The days of calling to book your ground-transportation are fading away. Gem's worldwide services are streamlined through technology integration. Simply open your Gem Limousine mobile application and take advantage of what technology has to offer! You can book a reservation, check our rates, track your chauffeur's location, edit your account information & even run reports from previous rides!

Fast Sports Limousines: Limousine racing and other weird hobbies.

Today we will talk about fast limousines. What Russian doesn't like to drive fast? Let's ask this question and immediately answer it: many of our compatriots love speed. And that's why we see so many Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancers on the streets of the Northern capital, equipped with all kinds of spoilers, straight-through exhaust pipes and, for sure, chipped, if not reassembled, engines.

However, when it comes to limousines, many of us prefer comfort and calmness to the wind whistling in our ears. What could be better than a walk in a limousine on the wedding day, when the bride in a magnificent dress with a flock of equally dressed bridesmaids and the groom in full dress with friends get into a limousine, laugh, try alcoholic drinks and enjoy a measured journey around the city! Well, what is it, in fact, who needs this fast limousine, with its terrible maneuverability? Is it fun when you are dangling around the cabin from side to side?

Actually, yes. That is why people around the world create their own versions of racing limousines, equipping them with powerful engines. For example, a limousine-racing car is very popular in these circles. This is a GP Limo car built by Michael Pettipas. This Canadian genius created a 7-person limousine based on Formula 1 cars. No bar, no karaoke, not even a roof. Racing seats, a mandatory helmet, and a car shape that allows for more airflow around the car. The technical characteristics of this miracle are not known. Only the fact that it can accelerate to 482 km / h. But it is enough to imagine how perfect this limousine is: it was necessary to calculate all the characteristics as accurately as possible in order to achieve such a speed.

Another example is the Ferrari 360 Modena limousine. This stylish car has regular driver's doors and gull-type doors for passengers. Moreover, opening one door gives access to three seats at once from one side of the limousine. Inside, everything is quite ascetic and looks more like a roller coaster than a comfortable limousine. However, the car is still popular, because, as everyone knows, Ferrari is speed. The 400-horsepower engine allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in six seconds, and the maximum developed speed is about 265 km / h.

By the way, there is another racing limousine produced under the Ferrari brand. This time it's a convertible. Its technical characteristics are not known, but it looks impressive: what are the wheels alone, of which this giant has as many as five pairs.

Not all fast limousines look like race cars. There are both ordinary-looking and rather strange cars, which, nevertheless, develop impressive speed for their size. Among such fast limousines, for example, Bentley Flying Spur. Actually, it is rather a sedan, however, it is declared by the manufacturers as a representative limousine. Well, let's believe them. The 625-horsepower 12-cylinder engine allows you to accelerate to a hundred in just four seconds. The maximum speed of this "limousine" is 320 km/h.

As for unusual limousines, it is worth mentioning a car based on the Boeing 727-100. Yes, based on the liner. It's just that the body of the aircraft was used as the body of a car. Of course, they cut off his wings and tail, re-equipped him a little and, voila, got a limousine at the exit, which has a maximum speed of 200 km / h. All this thanks to a six-cylinder turbocharged engine. And inside it is an ordinary limousine. Bar, audio system, monitor, karaoke.

Of course, it would be great to see all these fast limousines fighting for the championship in some race. But, unfortunately, limousine racing so far exists only as a video game. Yes, and it is necessary to establish special rules, to divide limousines into "weight categories" so that the winner does not always become the same one.

By the way, for those who still want to watch the race with the participation of a limousine, we advise you to review the famous Top Gear show. In one of the episodes of this show, the presenters staged a taxi race. It was attended by the famous London and New York taxis, an Indian taxi made. I think from Zhuk, as well as the Russian ZIL limousine. Why he was chosen as a participant from Russia is not clear, most likely it is some kind of "cranberry", as stereotypes about our Motherland are called. But watching this race is still interesting.

Well, for those who still prefer quiet walks, although they love fast driving with all their heart, we offer limousine rental in St. Petersburg at weekend prices. For all your questions, please contact our managers by filling out the online form or by calling the phone number listed on the main page.

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Interesting |

How limousines are made

Currently, mass production of limousines, as a rule, is done by tuning companies. To do this, they use ordinary production cars (sedans, jeeps and even sports cars), cut them in half and insert an additional insert, the size of which determines the length of the future limousine. Although it sounds very simple in words, in fact, the production of a limousine is quite a difficult task. The thing is that its strength, handling, as well as some other characteristics depend on the length of the car's interior. It is for these reasons that during the production of any limousine, a new frame is made for its design, which is many times stronger than the original one.

It is worth noting that for the production of limousines today only foreign brands of cars are used, as a rule, American ones, since domestic and most European passenger cars are produced with non-load-bearing bodies. Also, the manufacture of a limousine involves the strengthening and replacement of such parts and components of the machine as silent blocks, shock absorbers, and so on. At the same time, the engine and gearbox most often remain original. The final stage in the manufacture of a limousine is its painting and interior design.

Types of limousines

Limousines sedans

Limousines sedans are cars made on the basis of passenger cars by lengthening their body. Such limousines are characterized by different capacity with a minimum number of seats four. In this case, the maximum number can reach 20 or more seats.

Jeep limousines

Jeep limousines are also made on the basis of ordinary jeeps, such as Hamer cars and so on. They are characterized by increased capacity and very often high ceilings, which makes it possible to use their interior space more efficiently. In the salon of which such limousines you can have a real party.

Limousine carriages

The traditional classic interior of the salon, the availability of everything you need for a comfortable stay and movement in it, upholstered furniture and six seats make the limousine Kareta an ideal solution as a flagship for a wedding cortege. Such a limousine will definitely attract the attention of all the guests invited to the wedding and make it brighter.


Limobasy is a separate category of limousines, which in its essence is a micro or full-fledged buses. They are perfect for mass events: weddings, anniversaries and so on. In our fleet there are models of all the above types of limousines for rent.

How Limousines Came to Be

Although the word “Limousine” itself is French in origin and refers to the hood worn instead of a headdress by the shepherds of the French province of Limousin, the birthplace of limousines is the United States of America. American inventors simply borrowed the French word, since such a hood has an elongated shape and was similar to the body they invented for a car. The history of the origin of the first limousine is actually quite banal. Just in the twenties of the last century, two auto mechanics decided to conduct an unusual experiment: to cut two cars and put them in one body. Thus, the first prototype of a car with an extended body was designed, which later became known as a limousine.

By the way, the first limousine, the names of the inventors of the limousine remain a mystery to this day. Mass production of this car began in the late 192s by Cadillac under the guidance of engineer Henry Leland, who a few years later founded his own automobile concern, Lincoln. Another interesting fact is that all limousines from the very beginning of their production were intended exclusively for rich people, which influenced the level of equipment of their salons.

The most luxurious limousine

The most luxurious limousine in the world is considered Maybach Landaulet - a car with a folding soft top above the passengers. Such cars have not been produced since the late 30s of the last century, although they enjoyed significant popularity. It is worth noting that this limousine is equipped with the most advanced technological solutions to date. For example, the Maybach Landaulet allows you to ride with an open top even in cold weather, as it is equipped with an ultra-modern air conditioning system for today. At the same time, the aerodynamics of the car is thought out in such a way that even snow and rain do not fall on the rear passengers when driving with an open top.

The first Soviet limousine

The first Soviet limousine was produced at the Leningrad plant on April 24, 1933. The limousine brand was named L-1. They also had the unspoken name Leningrad-1. The first limousine made in the Soviet Union was equipped with a 105 horsepower eight-cylinder carburetor engine with a thermostat, double-acting shock absorbers and a vacuum brake booster. It is worth noting that the first Soviet limousine L-1 was used exclusively in Leningrad and was lost after the blockade of the city by the fascist invaders. In general, in the USSR, government-class limousines were produced at two car factories - ZiL and GAZ. So, at the Gorky Automobile Plant, the production of premium cars Chaika and GAZ-14 was launched, and the Likhachev plant was engaged in the production of cars for the highest range: ZiL-114, ZiL-117 and ZiL-4104. Today, domestic officials have completely moved to foreign-made premium cars, but in Russia there is a considerable number of Soviet limousines that are used as escort vehicles. "The Seagull" has become a fashionable rarity, for which rich motorists are willing to pay a lot of money.

The most powerful limousine in the world

The most powerful limousine in the world, listed in the Guinness book, is the Midnight Rider designed in 2011. The area of ​​​​its salon is more than 120 square meters, on which 40 comfortable seats are located. Midnight Rider is equipped with 22 wheels, it is 21 meters long and 2.5 meters wide with a weight of 23 tons. The car is equipped with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 435 horsepower. The car is equipped with a specially designed air suspension, which allows its passengers to move comfortably inside the cabin when driving. This giant in every respect has its own crew, which consists of a bartender, driver, operations engineer and manager. A comfortable pastime in the Midnight Rider cabin is provided by satellite TV, a full-fledged bar, a large plasma screen, an ultra-modern audio system, climate control, a toilet, a heating system and other interior items. The Midnight Rider is classified as a tractor-trailer limousine and is capable of hosting full banquets for all tastes.

The largest limousine in the world

If we talk about which limousine is the largest in the world, then it should be noted that there are three limousines in the world that claim this title. So, the longest limousine in history is a car, the length of which is 30.5 meters. The car was made in California, has 26 wheels and two driver's cabins - front and rear. The cabin of this limousine has a solarium, a heated Jacuzzi, a large bed and even a swimming pool. The car is also equipped with a satellite dish. The tallest limousine is a car that was designed in Australia. Its height is 3.33 meters or 10 feet 11 inches. True, in fairness, it is worth noting that such dimensions were achieved primarily due to the high wheelbase of the car. The biggest limousine is the plane. It was this nickname that the invention of a little-known Mexican company received, which produced a car weighing six tons and 18 meters long. This limousine was designed on the basis of a decommissioned Boeing 727-100 with cut wings and tail. The interior of the car has everything you can imagine: from the dance floor to spacious soft sofas.

The most expensive limousine

Several cars can compete for the title of the most expensive limousine:

Cadillac DTS worth 10 million dollars, which belonged to George W. Bush. This car can be considered an office on wheels, the interior of which is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment. In addition, the machine is protected by the latest technology. In its design, a system of protection against fuel flashing in an accident is implemented, glass and tires are bulletproof. There is also a night vision system and protection systems against chemical and bacteriological attack.

Rolls-Royse Phantom-5 is the world-famous limousine of the legendary John Lennon. The car left the assembly line in 1965 and was immediately recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive limousine worth $ 2. 23 million.

Hongqi HQE is the most expensive limousine designed and manufactured in China. Its cost is estimated at $1.2 million.

The development of modern technologies, including in the field of automotive industry, makes it possible to believe that very soon the world fleet of limousines will be replenished with a considerable number of models worth tens of millions of dollars.

10 facts about limousines

1. The limousine owes its name to the French province, the shepherds in which wore specific hoods, popularly called lemousin. Their shape very much resembled the elongated shape of a limousine.

2. Initially, limousines were called cars with a hard top and a rigid partition between the driver's seat and the passenger compartment.

3. The first limousines were short and practically did not differ from modern sedans. Only a few years later, two American engineers decided to conduct an experiment to lengthen the interior of the car. This is how limousine bodies used to this day appeared.

4. The most secret limousine in the world was the Soviet government car ZIL-114.

5. Until the 90s of the last century, limousines were available exclusively to rich people, and today they are actively used as cars for wedding corteges and in many other festive events.

6. The largest limousine is the creation of Mexican specialists. The machine is designed on the basis of the fuselage of the Boeing-727. At the same time, it develops a speed of up to 200 km / h.

7. The fastest limousine in the world is the Ferrari 360 Modena, which is capable of speeds up to 250 km/h.

8. The most secure limousine is US President Barack Obama's government class car, which was nicknamed "The Beast".

9. The largest fleet of limousines belongs to the world-famous singer Madonna. It has 160 limousines in various cities around the world.

10. The very first Soviet limousine was L-1 (Leningrad-1), whose birthday is April 24, 1933 years.

The most secret limousine

The most secret limousine in the world is the first Soviet government limousine ZIL-114. This premium car was produced in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This limousine went down in history not only as the most secret, but also as the most progressive. According to various information, he could give odds to many modern government limousines. The development of the ZIL-114 took place in absolute secrecy. Even all the participants in this project did not have the opportunity to freely move around the territory of the USSR.

The first prototype of this limousine was created in 1964 and sent for approval to experts from the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU. After a number of changes, the machine was finalized and improved. The first completely ready-to-use ZIL-114 was released in 1966.

As for the technical characteristics of the world's most secret limousine and its equipment, even today there is no reliable data on this. We can only say with certainty that this car could protect its passengers from any encroachment on their life and safety.

The very first limousine in Russia

Despite the fact that the production of limousines in our country in the early 1930s, the first car of this class in Russia appeared much earlier. Just a year before the fall of imperialism, Nicholas II received as a gift a limousine that was made especially for him in Great Britain.

Later this limousine (Classic Rolls Royce Ghost) was auctioned off in Germany. At the same time, it is not known for certain whether the emperor managed to use this luxurious gift at least once. There is also no reliable information about the price for which the car was sold. It is only known that the starting price of the limousine was $ 7 million.

The Imperial Rolls Royce Ghost in an unusual purple color was sold to one of the owners of a casino chain in the United States, and after his death passed into the possession of a German collector who safely stored it in a bomb shelter in the basement of his own mansion.

Limousine from Zaporozhets

Limousine from Zaporozhets. It was such a miracle of technology that a businessman from Samara created. For its manufacture, the inventor needed three cars from the Zaporozhye plant. At the same time, the chassis of the limousine has not changed, but its interior is made in a luxurious modern style and has everything you need for comfortable movement. The cost of such a "miracle" is estimated at about 60,000 US dollars.

It is worth noting that this Zaporozhets-based limousine is not the only one of its kind. In the Russian Federation, there are at least two more such cars, one of which was designed by a craftsman from Novy Urengoy. There is another Zaporozhets limousine, which is used for advertising purposes by one of the double-glazed window companies. Since the Cossacks themselves can already be considered rare cars that attract the attention of others, advertising placed on the body of a limousine of this brand is remembered by everyone who ever sees it.

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