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E TX Luxury Limos was launched in February of 2019 with a simple goal of providing quality and luxury transportation to residents of Cedar Creek Lake and its surrounding areas. Based out of Mabank, Texas, we aim to be the best, most dependable, and highest quality provider of luxury transportation. As 2021 draws near an end, we’d like to announce new management and introduce you to our Team.

After taking over management in April 2021, Becky Ward (sitting far left) set out to restructure ETLL to better serve our customers. Becky wears many hats within this role, including Operating Manager & Events Coordinator. She has the privilege of being the first to greet customers who are eager to experience our fleet and services; this is a role that gives her great satisfaction.

Patrina Slack (sitting far right), is the company's Social & Online Marketing Manager. Patrina was an obvious choice for this role as ETLL is also owned by Jim Stewart. Jim is the Developer of the Beacon Hill Community in Kemp, TX, where Patrina works as the host of the Beacon Hill Welcome Center and manager of the development’s website,  liveatbeaconhill.com.

James Alsup (standing top middle), is the Lead Chauffeur & Designated Chauffeur for our Hummer h3 limo. Outside of his role, James works in Ennis as a senior mechanic. To our delight and advantage, James previously owned a limo business for several years, which he recently sold. This background makes him a perfect addition to the company.

Michele Baker (standing top left), is our designated Chauffer for the Cadillac Stretch Limo we have recently added to our fleet. As Becky's neighbor, Michele witnessed first-hand the dedication that Becky put towards ETLL. This motivated Michele to accept the offer to join the team herself. Outside of the limo business, Michele is a 30-year veteran of the wholesale shoe industry serving as a Key Account Executive for a women's shoe brand. She and her husband have recently moved to the lake area to escape the DFW metroplex.

Wayne Ward (far right), is Becky's husband, and Chauffer has a great deal of experience in driving large vehicles. Wayne is retired from the trucking industry and has graciously offered to be an alternate driver in the event he is needed. He is a great support to Becky, and we are fortunate to have him on our team.

And last, but certainly not least, Ted Cessnun, Chauffeur (not pictured) who recently joined our team, is a Mabank resident and holds a realtor license. He is semi-retired after 30 years as a Regional Manager for a multi-family property management company. When Ted learned about ETLL, he quickly contacted Becky and offered his services as a team member. Ted brings his experiences and upbeat attitude and looks forward to assisting in the success of the company.

Photo courtesy of Sky Guys on Cedar Creek Lake

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Jun 20, 2019

Airport Car Service from LAX Airport to.


Airport Car Service from LAX Airport to Hotel, Los Angeles Simply outstanding & professional service. I was impressed to see the driver from baggage claim and he noted which carousel our bags are coming out from.

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Shahnawaz Khan

Jun 19, 2019

Night on the Town in Charter Bus Las Vegas

I am completely satisfied with their service. The car arrived on time and it was clean, well-maintained and comfortable. Actually, I asked Global Limos to arrange a 10-Seater Limo as I thought it would go well with 9 people but we ended up with 8 people.

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Jun 17, 2019

Sporting Tour in Hummer Limo Boston

Last year I had hosted a Sporting tour and the vehicle was extremely luxurious. I personally recommend Manny, not only he is prompt and polite but he provides all the amenities you could ever imagine.

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Jon DeAngleo

Feb 9, 2019

SUV Rental from Newark Airport

We flew in from Chicago to Newark, EWR, airport. My colleagues and I needed an SUV for business transportation. Global arranged a 2018 Cadillac Escalade SUV for us. Our driver was great, professional; he took us to our meetings on time

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Journ Along

Jan 27, 2019

Seattle to Portland Charter Bus Service

Seattle to Portland charter bus service for 40 passengers. Dave is a professional person. He booked the bus for last minute, the driver came on time & drove the bus very safely. Danny, our driver, even made a pit-stop for us to get some snacks along the way.

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Manny Gill

Jan 11, 2019

Hummer Limo Rental NYC

We rented a Hummer limo in New York City from Globallimos.com in October 2018. When most of the companies were sold out, David from Global made the rental possible for us. Not only was it a newer Hummer limo for 20 passengers in good condition,

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Tommy M

Jan 9, 2019

Executive Party Bus - amazing customer service

I guess not much is known about party buses, at-least, I did not know much. Our company needed an executive bus for our company in Seattle, WA. Global came through and made it happen, I must mention that Daisy very dedicated,

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Angel Sanyo

Dec 27, 2018

I used this service in Reno

I used this service in Reno. My driver was excellent, making the eight hour round trip enjoyable. I would highly recommend this service to anyone in any area.

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Courtney Rutt

Dec 9, 2018

Booked our party bus in Seattle for a...

Booked our party bus in Seattle for a corporate Christmas Party. We had fun, good rate, nice 32 passenger bus, and a cool driver. Will be renting from them again.

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Ruben Jacobs

Nov 24, 2018

Honest agent of Global Limos

Honest agent of Global Limos, David, helped me pick a SUV, Escalade, for my trip from Hollywood to Anaheim. I initially wanted to book a limo, instead of up-selling me, he offered me what I required and was the most comfortable option.

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Moshe Kakar

Jun 11, 2018

Great Company!!

Global Limos was a great experience. They took my family to the airport and we had a wonderful ride. A great driver and a brand new car.

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Evan Sandler

Apr 5, 2018

Great Company!

Great Company!! Excellant service and clean cars all new.

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evan sandler

90,000 Obama officially became the 44th President of the United States. Millions attending the inauguration in downtown Washington



Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. It happened around 20:00 on Tuesday Moscow time. After taking office, the President delivered Inaugural Address , which addressed not only the people of the United States, but the whole world.

President Obama was sworn in as President of the US Supreme Court John Roberts. Obama is the first African American in US history to become President of the United States.

- History of the inauguration in the USA: details of a two-century tradition, curiosities, speeches
- TEXT of the oath
- The fate of the "progressive" Obama's website: the most daring experiment in history
- Obama's security is provided by 42 thousand people, 5 tons of armored glass and a special limousine

Barack Obama began the day with a visit to St. John's Church, located off Lafayette Square, literally a hundred meters from the White House. According to ITAR-TASS, he was accompanied by his wife Michelle and two daughters - Malia and Sasha. They were also joined by the family of Vice President-elect Joseph Biden.

At 09:55 local time (17:55 Moscow time), the new head of state and his wife arrived at the White House, where President George W. Bush met them at the main entrance under the arches of the so-called Northern Portico. Biden and his wife and leaders of the Congressional Joint Committee for the inaugural celebrations also drove up to the residence of the head of administration. They are all offered coffee in the Blue Room.

At 10:45 a.m., the presidential motorcade left the White House for Capitol Hill, to the Congress Building, where the actual ceremony began on the western steps of the Capitol at 11:30 a.m. (7:30 p.m. Moscow time).

Obama and US Vice President-elect Joseph Biden climbed onto the erected platform, accompanied by the heads of the apparatus of the Senate and the House of Representatives. After several musical numbers, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Congressional Joint Committee on Inaugural Celebrations, addressed the audience with a brief welcoming speech. "The whole world today is watching the peaceful transfer of power in America," she stressed.

Following this, the rector of the Episcopal Church, Rick Warren, read the prayer.

The first to take the oath was US Vice President Josey Biden. After the performance of the musical group, Barack Obama did the same.

According to "Interfax" , by early Tuesday morning in the center of the American capital, millions of people wishing to attend the ceremony gathered. Thousands of people flocked to the area stretching from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, which Americans call the National Pier.

ITAR-TASS also notes that the Washington metro has switched to an emergency mode of operation. The metropolitan subway was extremely congested. It was the only way to get into the city center.

The metro system was not ready for such a large number of people. Therefore, train drivers have to disembark passengers halfway, announcing "The train does not go any further, please vacate the cars. " Huge crowds of people "dump" from the subway and head to the city center on foot. However, this option is not the easiest either, since the central streets of Washington are blocked by the police. Law enforcement agencies are assisted by military units. Their patrol cars are at the main city interchanges. The wide main streets are blocked by buses.

One of the subway lines was temporarily closed due to a passenger who fell onto the rails. This was announced today by representatives of the metropolitan subway. According to them, the incident occurred at 9:30 am local time at Gallery Place station. At the same time, the one who fell on the rails was hit by a train, but about him condition is not yet known. It also remains unclear whether this was a suicide attempt, or whether the unfortunate man was squeezed out by a crowd of people hurrying to the inauguration, waiting for the train on the platform.

Bush is gone. He left a note to Obama and kissed press secretary Perino

George W. Bush, whose presidency expired at 20:00 Moscow time, left a note to his successor, Barack Obama, following a long tradition. This was reported to reporters by White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, adding that the 43rd President wrote a small message on Monday and put it in the top drawer of his desk in the Oval Office. "I won't reveal the content of the note," Perino said. "I'll just say that Bush wishes him all the best."

Bush came to the Oval Office at 7 am on Tuesday. Phoned Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, his National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, and Pastor T.D. million dollars.

Perino, describing Bush's state of mind, said: "He's holding up well. He's the President of the United States... He hasn't changed. He kissed my forehead."

Former President Bush left Washington immediately after Barack Obama's inaugural address without drawing attention to himself. Such a tradition developed at the beginning of the 20th century, although the presidents who had previously surrendered their post accompanied their colleagues from Capitol Hill to the White House and even held receptions there in honor of the new head of state.

To the exit - through the eastern portal of the Congress building - he was escorted by Obama himself. There, a guard of honor lined up on the steps and members of the Joint Committee of the Congress for the conduct of the inaugural celebrations gathered. Then Bush and his wife flew by helicopter, without stopping at the White House, to Andrews Air Force Base in the suburbs of Washington. There he said a few farewell words to those who had gathered to see him off to his closest friends, assistants, and White House employees. The press was not allowed.

A day earlier, George W. Bush said goodbye by telephone to world leaders, including Russian President and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.

On the presidential Boeing-747, the ex-president and his wife flew to Midland (Texas), where they lived for a long time. Bush's brief speech is scheduled for 17:20 (01:20 Wednesday Moscow time). Then, after about two and a half hours, the plane will take the former first couple of America to another Texas city - Waco, from where Bush and his wife will go to their ranch near Crawford.

In Dallas, Bush's first priority is to build his presidential library, museum, and Liberty Institute at Southern Methodist University. “And I will do what Laura tells me,” he shared with reporters. In addition, the 43rd President wants to write a book. "I'm a home person," Bush admitted. He and Laura enjoy spending evenings together, having dinner together, watching TV or reading.

Bush's presidential pension is set at $200,000 a year (as head of state, he received $400,000 a year). In addition, the treasury will cover the cost of renting his office and paying a small staff of assistants.

TEXT of Obama's oath

The text of the US presidential oath was issued in 1789 and has not changed since then. This oath was first taken at the inauguration ceremony on April 30, 1789 by President George Washington.

Text of the oath:

"I, (full name and surname of the swearer), solemnly swear that I will faithfully perform the office of President of the United States and do everything in my power to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. "

In English it sounds like this:
"I... do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

New versions of the "solved" murder. 50 famous mysteries of the history of the XX century

New versions of the "solved" murder

The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy without exaggeration can be called the loudest and most mysterious assassination of the past century. The tragedy occurred in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses and millions of viewers, but the final answer to the question: "Who and why killed Kennedy?" — not yet. Officially, the "crime of the century" is considered solved, but its true causes and organizers are still unknown.

On November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. This assassination attempt, which shocked America and the whole world, is still one of the greatest mysteries of the last century. Whoever was blamed for the Kennedy assassination. The leadership of the FBI, the CIA, the KGB, Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, the American mafia, and even Lyndon B. Johnson, who became president after Kennedy's death, fell under suspicion. According to the official version, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the victim of a lone hitman. The killer was named former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald. It was he, according to state experts, who killed John F. Kennedy with two sniper shots from a rifle.

The decision to visit Kennedy in Texas as part of the campaign to prepare for the 1964 presidential election was made on June 5, 1963, when John F. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and Texas Governor John Connally met at a hotel in El Paso. In the fall, Kennedy made several trips around the states. On November 12, he announced the importance of victory in Florida and Texas and his plans to visit both states in the next two weeks.

The preparation of the visit was entrusted to the Governor of Texas D. Connally, the route of the cortege through Dallas was developed by secret service agents. 19November, the Dallas newspapers published the route of the presidential motorcade. The motorcade's destination was the Dallas Convention Center, where a gala banquet was scheduled.

November 22, 1963 at 11:40 local time at Dallas airport "Love Field" landed the plane, which was US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline.

The high-ranking guests were greeted by Governor John Connally, who, along with his wife, was to accompany the presidential couple on a trip around the city. Ten minutes after arrival

The presidential motorcade left the airfield for the city. The presidential limousine, which carried US Secret Service agents William Greer and Roy Kellerman, the Kennedys, and Texas Governor John Connally and his wife Nellie, rode closer to the head of the motorcade. He was followed by a car with Secret Service agents, followed by a car with US Vice President Lyndon Johnson. Numerous cars with other members of the delegation and journalists moved further.

Before the trip, at the insistence of the head of state, the bulletproof roof was removed from the presidential car. To the objections of security agents who feared for Kennedy's life in Dallas, dissatisfied with his policies, John Kennedy did not heed. The cortege, surrounded by security personnel, slowly and solemnly moved along the crowded street. Crowds of enthusiastic townspeople greeted him all the way. John Kennedy waved to people, smiled and shouted: “Thank you, thank you!” As soon as the line of cars turned off the main city thoroughfare into one of the side streets, suddenly there was a sharp bang, cutting off the cheers of the crowd. Then the second, the third... According to many eyewitnesses, they did not immediately realize that these were shots. Those standing at the edge of the sidewalk saw the president convulsively clutching his throat, from which blood gushed, and collapsed heavily into his wife's arms.

The president was hit by two bullets: one in the head, the other in the neck. The governor of Texas was also seriously wounded (his life was saved), and one of the passers-by was also slightly injured. A moment after the shots were fired, the presidential limousine broke away from the cars following it and rushed at breakneck speed to the nearest hospital - Parkland Memorial Hospital. The journey took only four minutes, but all the efforts of the doctors were in vain. The wounds were fatal. Half an hour after the assassination attempt, John Fipgeral/t Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, died without regaining consciousness. At 1 pm, Kennedy's personal doctor, George Gregory Barclay, who hastily arrived at the hospital, signed his death certificate as a result of a head wound. A press conference was called at Parkland Hospital and Acting White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff announced the president's death. Ten minutes later, the US Senate closed its doors, and the New York Stock Exchange closed a minute later. At 3:40 p.m. local time, the President's coffin was loaded onto a plane and delivered to Washington two hours later.

After the autopsy, John F. Kennedy's body was taken to the East Room of the White House, where a farewell ceremony was held for the next 24 hours for loved ones, relatives and high-ranking politicians. By decision of Jacqueline Kennedy, during the farewell and funeral ceremony, the body was in a closed coffin and two Catholic priests remained next to the body until the funeral. On November 24, 1963, a horse-drawn carriage delivered the coffin to the Capitol building, where a farewell to the president was held for ordinary citizens. A live line of about 250,000 people lined up at the coffin placed in the Capitol, which kept the doors of the Capitol open all night. The ceremony was also attended by many heads of state and government. The only country of the socialist camp that sent its representative was the Soviet Union, from which First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Anastas Mikoyan participated in the ceremony.

The funeral of John F. Kennedy took place on Monday 25 November, which was declared a national day of mourning. The procession from the Capitol moved towards St. Matthew's; about 800 thousand people lined the streets along the route of the hearse. At the head were Jacqueline Kennedy and the president's brothers Robert and Edward. After mass in the cathedral, the funeral procession moved to Arlington National Cemetery. The coffin was delivered on a cannon carriage, in front of which a black stallion was led. There were boots in the stirrups, with the spurs pointing forward and the toe back. This is how Abraham Lincoln was buried. The coffin with the body of John F. Kennedy was lowered into the ground at 15:34 local time, at the same time, Jacqueline Kennedy lit an eternal flame on the grave. The entire ceremony, from the movement of the procession from the Capitol to the funeral, was broadcast by three nationwide television channels.

Vice President Lyndon Johnson, who was sworn in just hours after JFK's death, immediately announced the formation of a special commission to investigate the circumstances of the assassination. He literally urged US Supreme Court Chief Earl Warren to head a commission to investigate the Kennedy assassination and give an opinion that would reassure the nation in conditions “when the country is threatened with split and loss of confidence, when its foundations are shaken.” The created commission included six senators and congressmen, including future President Gerald Ford and former CIA chief Alain Dulles, 14 advisers and 20 lawyers. 80 FBI agents were placed at the commission's disposal.

On September 24, 1964, after ten months of work, the Warren Commission submitted its 470-page report to President Johnson. The commission's conclusion was that Kennedy's assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald. It is known that, having decided at one time to emigrate from America, Oswald lived in the USSR for three years. Having renounced American citizenship, he settled in Minsk, in a one-room apartment on Kommunisticheskaya Street. He worked as a mechanic at a radio factory (now "Horizon"), attended classes at a hunting club at the factory, but, as eyewitnesses say, he was a "useless shooter. " After a three-year stay in Belarus, Lee Harvey Oswald returned to the US with his Russian wife, Marina Prusakova. There he got a job in a warehouse of school textbooks, from the window of which, according to the investigation, the fatal shots were fired at John F. Kennedy.

One of the eyewitnesses to the crime, Howard Brennan, who was opposite the book depository at the time of the shooting, told the police that after the first shot he looked at the book depository, where, in his opinion, the source of the noise was, and saw the shooter in the window of the sixth floor. Another employee named Jarman confirmed that he heard shots from inside. Another employee of the book depository told police that his subordinate, Lee Harvey Oswald, left the building immediately after the shots were fired. As the Warren Commission established, Oswald did indeed leave the building shortly before it was sealed by the police, having hidden the weapon among storage boxes before that. John F Kennedy's assassination weapon was a Carcano M9 carbine. 1/38, which was found by police officer S. Weitzman and deputy sheriff Y. Boon on the sixth floor of the warehouse.

According to the materials of the investigation, three shots fired from this weapon at the president's open limousine were fired within six (according to another version, nine) seconds. Fatal was one of the bullets that hit the head of John F. Kennedy. At the same time, one of the shots fired by Oswald (which one, the commission did not determine), did not reach the target. The interval between a shot wounding the president in the neck and a fatal shot in the head was from 4.8 to 5.6 seconds. This, in particular, was confirmed by the fact that three cartridge cases were found at the place where Oswald allegedly fired from. According to the report of the commission of inquiry, the bullet that wounded John F. Kennedy in the neck also wounded Texas Governor Connally. Indeed, a bullet fired by a sniper behind and to the right of Kennedy could, having passed right through the body of the president, injure the governor sitting in front of him, because at the moment of the shot, the US president, who greeted the crowd, moved to the very edge of the limousine. In addition, ballistics experts determined that the bullet that wounded the governor had lost speed at the time of impact, which was most likely caused by "passing through the tissues of the body of another person."

Researchers have repeatedly criticized this conclusion of the commission, since such a bullet trajectory is unlikely. In this regard, among the opponents of the official theory of the Kennedy assassination, the ironic term “magic bullet” (“magic” or “magic” bullet) even arose. The “magic bullet” theory is closely related to the problem of having a second shooter: assuming that the same bullet could not hit Kennedy, change trajectory and hit Connally, and Oswald, as experts determined, did not have time to fire more than three shots , then the only possible explanation would be the presence of at least one other shooter, who belonged to the missing shot. Another argument of opponents of the official version is that more metal particles were allegedly found in Connally's body than a single bullet could leave. However, this argument was refuted: in reality, all the particles found could well belong to the same pool. Not a single expert could say with absolute certainty how the murder actually happened. The controversy over the "crime of the century" continued for more than one year.

And now, more than forty years later, the events of those tragic moments, timed to fractions of a second, are still open to interpretation.

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested on the day of the murder, but did not live to see the trial. On November 24, 1963, while being transferred from the Dallas Police Department to the county jail, he was shot dead by one Jacob Leon Rubinstein, known as Jack Ruby, a professional mobster who owned a Dallas nightclub. Here's how it happened. The investigation, having formally charged Oswald with the assassination of President Kennedy, decided to transfer the accused to the county jail. By that time, the news of the capture of the alleged killer had already become public knowledge, and the police building, where Lee Harvey Oswald was located, was besieged by crowds of reporters. The investigation allowed journalists to film the accused in the underground garage of the building - before boarding a special car. This is where Oswald was killed. At that moment, he was surrounded by a large crowd of reporters, photo, film and television filming of the escorted person was carried out, so the reporters filmed the moment of the murder both in the photo and on film, and even got on live television. Jack Ruby, who until then had been in the crowd, suddenly separated from her and moved towards Oswald, and being at a distance of one step from the convoy, fired at him with a revolver, after which he was knocked down by the police. Lee Harvey Oswald was mortally wounded, from which he later died in a Dallas hospital.

Immediately after the murder, Jack Ruby was captured. Subsequently, he admitted that he acted alone and wanted to kill Oswald in order to avenge the assassination of President Kennedy and save the wife of the murdered president from having to testify at the trial for the assassination of the head of state. Now the investigation into the murder of Oswald began, it was rather fleeting, and in early 1964 a trial took place over Jack Ruby, who on March 14, 1964 found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to death. The judgment was appealed by Ruby's lawyers. The result of this was the abolition of the verdict by the Court of Appeal and the direction of the case for retrial. However, on December 1966 years old, Jack Ruby, who was held in the Dallas County Jail, was diagnosed with lung cancer. On January 3, 1967, he died. The case against Ruby was closed due to the death of the accused.

As for Lee Harvey Oswald, he remained the "alleged" killer. The trial, given the "absence" of other defendants, was not to be carried out over anyone. Therefore, Oswald's guilt was never proven or refuted in court.

Oswald's assassination, just two days after Kennedy's tragic death, gave rise to numerous suspicions of a conspiracy against the president. However, according to the official findings of the Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The report of the special commission was published in print on September 1964 years, being a kind of "summary" of 26 volumes of testimonies, classified until 2029 "in connection with state security." Members of the commission heard 552 witnesses, received more than three thousand reports from judicial and law enforcement agencies, which, in turn, conducted about 26 thousand conversations. However, the report, which was supposed to shed light on the mysterious circumstances of the "crime of the century", caused general disappointment. Witnesses of the crime were surprised to find silence, distortion or direct falsification of their own testimony, certified in full form. By the way, some of the witnesses died from "various causes" over the next few years.

The official report of the Warren Commission sharply criticized the CIA, the FBI and the Dallas police for failing to prevent the president's death. Based on the report, which was full of inaccuracies, contradictions and errors, the commission, nevertheless, gave an unequivocal conclusion that there was no conspiracy against the president. However, neither the American nor the world community was satisfied with the official conclusion of the Warren Commission. New versions of the tragedy continued to emerge.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was loved by some and hated by others. He went down in history as a charismatic leader, during whose reign some of the most difficult pages of world history of the 20th century fell. - The Berlin and Cuban crises, when the two world superpowers - the USSR and the USA - were on the verge of nuclear war. Largely thanks to the brilliant political gift of Kennedy then managed to keep the peace. Naturally, people were not indifferent to the story of the death of such a person. People wanted to know the truth. Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill the president? If so, what are the motives for this crime? Did he act alone or was it a conspiracy? Who is Jack Ruby? What made him kill Oswald? And if there was a conspiracy, then who was behind it - the mafia, the Cubans, the Russians, the CIA?

One of the existing versions is as follows: the American Lee Harvey Oswald was used by the Cuban intelligence service at the suggestion of the KGB. The President of the United States was killed in retaliation for his administration's attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. Allegedly, the murder was inspired and paid for by Castro himself, for whom it was a desperate step in self-defense. Supporters of this version believe that the role of the "Cubans" in the most sensational murder of the 20th century was known to Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Johnson, but he preferred to cover up the Cuban "trace", fearing that otherwise US public opinion would force him to invade Liberty Island, and this fraught with the threat of a nuclear conflict with the USSR. Lyndon Johnson also feared that the Cuban version would lead to a "right-wing rebellion" in America that would block the Democratic Party's path to power for two generations. Lyndon Johnson's secretary Joseph Califano published in his memoirs the words of Johnson, who allegedly told him: "Kennedy tried to kill Castro, but Castro beat him to it."

Other researchers believe that Oswald was used by the conspirators "in the dark", that is, he took part in the assassination attempt, believing that they were going to kill Texas Governor Connally. Lee Harvey Oswald was allegedly assigned to shoot Connally, which he did, and John F. Kennedy received the fatal bullet from another sniper. Experts assured that they could not determine with certainty whether the president was killed by bullets fired from Oswald's rifle. But the fact that the shots were heard not only from the side of the warehouse - behind the movement of the cortege, as well as from the front and side, was testified by many eyewitnesses of the tragedy.

More than once it has been said that the notorious “hand of Moscow” was involved in this high-profile case. It was alleged that Lee Harvey Oswald was allegedly trained by the USSR State Security Committee, which ordered him to assassinate John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is known that during the period of his residence in Belarus, Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed under the close supervision of the KGB. However, there are no serious suspicions that he was professionally connected with the USSR State Security Committee. After a careful study of the lifestyle and behavior of the American, the KGB came to the conclusion that it was not advisable to use him as an agent who would work for Soviet intelligence in the United States. It is known that documents relating to Lee Harvey Oswald, who was handled by the internal service of the USSR State Security Committee, were handed over to the United States shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The KGB first of all wanted to exclude suspicions that Oswald was connected with the security agencies of the USSR. Therefore, the version about Lee Harvey Oswald as a certain figure used by the USSR State Security Committee takes place, but it is hardly plausible. The Soviet leadership of those years, with all its shortcomings, could hardly have made such a suicidal decision. Everyone understood that the assassination of the President of the United States was a declaration of war. Therefore, in the USSR, very serious, systematic and consistent work was carried out with all its might to draw the attention of the world community to the fact of participation in the assassination of John F. Kennedy of conservatives, special services, in particular, the CIA and the FBI, Cuban emigrants who were on the payroll of the CIA, the military-industrial complex . These versions were actively worked out and introduced into the mass consciousness. The KGB skillfully used all sorts of rumors and conjectures, giving them the character of versions that required consideration and excited public opinion.

In 1966, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison began his own investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. His version was based on the fact that there was a conspiracy involving former private detective and civil aviation pilot David Ferry and businessman Clay Shaw, who planned the assassination of the president and whom Lee Harvey Oswald knew. David Ferry died before the trial, as it was established - from natural causes (although the death shortly after the information about the investigation was leaked to the press and the suicide notes discovered gave rise to rumors of suicide or murder), so only Clay Shaw was charged. According to Jim Garrison, the assassination was organized by a group that brought together far-right activists, CIA-trained saboteurs from among Cuban immigrants - opponents of the Castro regime, and former and current CIA employees. The purpose of the assassination was to destabilize the situation inside the country and change the course of foreign policy towards the socialist camp to a tougher one.

Jim Garrison rejected the Warren Commission's findings that the fatal shot was fired by Oswald, and believed that the murder was carried out by several professionals shooting from different angles, and the evidence against Oswald was falsified, after which he was disposed of. Harrison's position rested largely on the testimony of the main witness, Perry Russo, the veracity of which is disputed by many researchers. As a result, Clay Shaw was acquitted by a jury. The Shaw Trial is notable for being the only John F. Kennedy assassination trial in which anyone was formally charged. However, the evidence and conclusions of Jim Garrison to this day are assessed ambiguously and remain the subject of controversy.

Thirteen years after the Dallas tragedy, the US Congress, as a result of distrust of the court's decision and the conclusions of the Warren Commission, appointed a new commission of inquiry - the Stokes Committee (Louis Stokes is the congressman who led the team of investigators). The Stokes committee had more time, opportunity and funds than the Warren committee, worked for two years without pressure from the president (Jimmy Carter was in power at the time) and came to the conclusion: Kennedy was assassinated “probably” not by an assassin - lone Lee Harvey Oswald, but a group of conspirators in which Oswald was assigned the role of scapegoat from the very beginning. But the conspirators remained unnamed, because documentary evidence of their guilt could not be found.

Naturally, there was no revision of the court's decision, and the report of the Stokes committee remained virtually unknown to the public. Today, every educated American knows the findings of the Warren Commission, but hardly one in a hundred will be able to answer the question, "What is the Stokes Committee?" The 1978-1979 investigation was skillfully overshadowed by powerful politicians, judges, lawyers, and journalists who backed the Warren Commission's conclusions and whose reputation would have been badly damaged if those findings were refuted.

"Was there a conspiracy or not?" - the struggle between the supporters of these two theories continues today with no less bitterness than forty-five years ago. In 2007, celebrated lawyer and writer Vincent Bugliosi published a 3,000-page volume defending the correctness of the Warren Commission's report. Meanwhile, about 70% of Americans believe that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy after all. This is shown by the results of a nationwide survey conducted by the Court TV channel, which specializes in covering high-profile legal cases. Two-thirds of those surveyed believe that the US government is withholding some of the information from the public following the results of numerous investigations of the "crime of the century" in Dallas.

In 1997, the last surviving member of the Warren Commission, Gerald Ford, admitted that the commission deliberately entered incorrect data into the autopsy protocols: the trajectory of the bullet was distorted. However, this confession did not change anything in the case of the assassination of the American leader.

To this day, only the main facts of the crime remain indisputable: President Kennedy was killed in his car on November 22, 1963, and two days later, the man who was suspected of assassinating the president, Lee Harvey Oswald, was killed. And behind all this - unsolved mysteries, suspicions, false evidence, fraud and ... numerous new versions of what happened on the fateful November day 1963 years old. According to one of them, Kennedy was removed in response to his declared war on organized crime. Supporters of another version are convinced that the whole point is that Kennedy was an active opponent of the forceful solution of problems in Vietnam (three days after the assassination, Lyndon Johnson canceled Kennedy's directive on the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam, and, having become president in 1964, significantly increased the American military there). presence). Someone believes that John F. Kennedy was killed for his attempts to weaken the all-powerful CIA, which he threatened to "break into a thousand pieces and scatter to the wind. " The matter was not limited to threats: he removed not only the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, but also his inner circle. Jim Marrs, in his book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, suggested that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a consequence of his signing of Executive Order 11110 of June 4, 1963 years that he allowed the US Treasury, for the first time since 1913, to print silver certificates, bypassing the Federal Reserve System of the Central Bank of the United States of America. Thus, the government could not borrow money from the Federal Reserve.

There is also a version that we think is absolutely fantastic. Its author is former intelligence officer Milton William Cooper. Without denying the possibility of the listed motives for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, he believes that the most important reason was that the president discovered the connection of the US ruling elite with aliens from outer space and intended to make this fact public.

And in the early 2000s, the American Billy Saul Aytes, who worked with L. Johnson in the 1950s and had a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, appeared on one of the French television channels and announced that the Kennedy assassination was planned and carried out none other than then Vice President and future US President Lyndon B. Johnson. According to him, the author of the fatal shot was not Oswald, but Johnson's faithful man - a certain Mac Wallace, a professional killer. It was his fingerprints that were found at 1963 in the building of the book warehouse from where Kennedy was shot, but only in 1998 these prints were allegedly identified. All documentary evidence of his version of Ayts, by his own admission, hid in a safe place. “This is a guarantee of my safety. I made sure that after my death the information was made public, ”says the American.

In November 2003, the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of the president was marked by a large symposium in Pittsburgh, where the organizers tried to bring together supporters of different versions of the "crime of the century. " The initiator and organizer of the conference was Cyril Wecht, a famous pathologist and an active critic of the Warren Commission, who dropped a historic phrase about its report: “It is high time that this book was moved from the shelves of non-fiction books to the shelves of novels in all libraries.” Some time after the symposium, a series of legal cases were initiated against S. Vecht, which almost ruined him.

In 2007, the autobiography of Howard Hunt, a CIA agent who died in January of the same year, was published. Hunt also claimed that Lyndon Johnson was the customer of the assassination, and the CIA agents organized the operation directly. Later, Howard Hunt's son told Rolling Stone magazine about a confession that Hunt made before his death: he said that Lyndon Johnson, the head of CIA operations in Cuba David Atlee Philippe, CIA agents Cord Meyer, William Harvey and David Sanchez Morales were behind the assassination , Hunt's future accomplice in the Watergate scandal, Frank Sturgis, and a certain "French shooter on a grassy hill" (it is believed that a native of Corsica, a contract killer and drug dealer Lucien Sarti was meant). According to Hunt, he himself did not participate in the operation.

And today, almost fifty years after the shootings in Dallas, no one seems to be able to close the case of the murder of the century, although many tried to put an end to it. In the decades that have passed since the assassination, many events have happened related to his investigation: previously unknown evidence surfaced, previously classified documents became available, silent witnesses suddenly began to speak or their posthumous memoirs were published.

Hundreds of books have been written about the "crime of the century", many documentaries and feature films have been released, countless documents and articles have been published. Perhaps no crime in world history has been subjected to such deep and comprehensive study. However, this murder has not been solved so far. And no wonder: not only the victim, the youngest president in US history, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his assassin, but also the killer of the killer, as well as a lot of witnesses who could shed at least some light on this tragedy, mysteriously left for another world. I wonder when the world will know who and why killed John F. Kennedy?


XXVIII. NEW PEOPLE - NEW TRENDS. NEVELSKY SUSPENDED The unexpected arrival of the squadron, which brought almost the entire population of Petropavlovsk along with the garrison, put Nevelsky in an extremely difficult position. It was necessary to take out this mass of people (including

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First satellites, new versions In April 2001, the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space. Of course, they also remembered the loss of the United States in the space race, which was catastrophic for the reputation of the “superpower”. It turned out that this loss at the initial stage is still

Versions of the murder of Stalin

Versions of Stalin's assassination I'll start with the obviously weak versions. There are many fantasies of the so-called "eyewitnesses". “They wanted to remove Stalin, this is indisputable,” recalled the last head of his guard, General Ryasnoy. Why is it indisputable where he got it from? .. Here are a couple more characteristic

L. Trotsky: New Opportunities for the Chinese Revolution, New Tasks and New Mistakes

L. Trotsky: New Opportunities for the Chinese Revolution, New Challenges and New Mistakes Stalin-Bukharin's main concern now is to prove that the opposition on the questions of China has always, until very recently, been in complete solidarity with the majority of the Politburo.

Tomb of Alexander the Great: new versions

Tomb of Alexander the Great: new versions Of this man we can safely say that he took possession of all the land that he saw, and died dreaming about the rest. After the death of Alexander, the huge and, at first glance, strong and powerful empire he had created collapsed. she

1 Versions of Stalin's assassination

one Versions of Stalin's assassination I'll start with the obviously weak versions. There are many fantasies of the so-called "eyewitnesses". “They wanted to remove Stalin, this is indisputable,” recalled the last head of his guard, General Ryasnoy. Why is it indisputable where he got it from? .. Here are a couple more characteristic

3.3. Massacres attributed to Gilles de Rais and massacres committed by the biblical Samson

3.3. Massacres attributed to Gilles de Rais and massacres committed by the biblical Samson Gilles de Rais was accused of massacres allegedly of children and women. It is possible that in fact it was about the killings during military campaigns, which in the biography


XVIII Congress: new international realities and new approaches to solving problems

3. XVIII Congress: new international realities and new approaches to problem solving Such was the most general outline of the international political situation in which Stalin approached the next party congress scheduled for March 1939 years old The intervals between congresses became

Confession of the king. New Tragedies and New Prophecies

Confession of the king. New tragedies and new prophecies The tragic events of January 9, 1905 made a terrible impression on the Tsar's family. We will not talk here about the political consequences of "Bloody Sunday", about the revolution of 1905 - the task of this part of our book

Part one. Shlisselburg Psalms. From the Assassination of a Saint to the Assassination of an Emperor (1323-1764)

Part one. Shlisselburg Psalms. From the assassination of a saint to the assassination of an emperor (1323-1764) And from Lake Kotlin [2] the Neva River flowed out, and fell into Lake Ladoga against the city of Oreshka. "The Book of the Big Drawing"

Tomb of Alexander the Great: new versions

Tomb of Alexander the Great: new versions Of this man we can safely say that he took possession of all the land that he saw, and died dreaming about the rest. After the death of Alexander, the huge and, at first glance, strong and powerful empire he had created collapsed. She

Swimming Tasman: new discoveries and new mysteries

Swimming Tasman: new discoveries and new mysteries By the beginning of the 1640s. the Dutch knew and mapped the following parts of Australia: in the north - the western coast of the Cape York Peninsula, the ledge of Arnhemland, the entire western coast of the mainland and the western part of its southern

New evidence and new appeals from the Swedish side

New evidence and new appeals from the Swedish side 1950s are characterized by more active actions of the Swedish side under the leadership of the new First Deputy Foreign Minister Arne S.

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