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Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Dave's Limousines has been taking proactive actions by disinfecting all of our vehicles passenger compartments, as well as the driver's area after each run. Our Chauffeurs have also been instructed not to report to work if feeling under the weather, and to wash hands on a regular basis after handling luggage from passengers returning to the area. We will continue to provide 24 hour service, and hope you and your families remain safe during these trying times.

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Whether it's a business or a family trip to the airport or cruise terminal, or a night on the town for 1-26 people. Let us help you make it a memorable and safe trip with one of our late model luxury stretch limousines, suv's, sedans, coach or Party Bus.

If you feel that the website did not help in finding what you are looking for, feel free to contact one of our reservation specialists to  further assist you.

We look forward to having you as one of our many valued and satisfied customers, and provide you with the  same outstanding affordable service and attention our clients have come to expect and deserve from us for the past 3 decades.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence & Commitment in 2018

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Online reservation for Dave's Best Limousine Service Inc: lowest rates guaranteed!

Online reservation for Dave's Best Limousine Service Inc: lowest rates guaranteed!

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Getting the limousine package is usually a better way to go. Most deals include gratuity (tips), bottle of champagne, water and sign. Also, meet-and-greet for transfers, parking fees and tolls, if any. You can choose a limousine package from the following categories: Wedding, Anniversary, City Tour and so on..

Dave's Best Limousine Service Inc offers pick-up and drop-off services in the following airports in Philadelphia, PA:

  Atlantic City International

  Atlantic City Municipal Bader Field

  Cape May County


  Essex County

  Lakehurst Maxfield Field

  Lehigh Valley International

  Mc Guire Air Force Base

  Morristown Municipal

  New Castle

  Newark Liberty International

  Philadelphia International

  Reading Regional Carl A Spaatz Field

  Trenton Mercer

  Wings Field

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Ranking of the best limousines of 2022

The meaning of the term "limousine" today is very different from the original. In the post-war period in Germany, cars were considered as such, in which the front part was separated from the rest of the space by a partition. Currently, a limousine is a symbol of comfort, spaciousness and respectability. In other words, it is an executive class vehicle with an exclusive appearance, offering passengers the highest level of comfort unattainable in a conventional car. As a rule, limousines are used for organizing important celebrations such as weddings, since they are poorly adapted for daily use.

Few models were produced or are produced in small series, currently we are talking mainly about assembly to order, in extreme cases - the release of no more than a dozen identical copies, and the cost of a limousine ranges from 100-500 thousand dollars. Cars with an exclusive design cost customers a million dollars or more, and the answer to the question of how much the most expensive limousine in the world costs lies in the plane of interests of collectors of such cars - for the Sultan of Brunei, his gold-encrusted Rolls Royce Silver Spur cost $ 14 million . ..

How to find the best limousine? The task is quite difficult due to the ambiguity of the criteria and the variability of the automotive fashion. You can talk about the most beautiful, most comfortable, most expensive limousine, and there are a dozen more of these "most" ones. For example, popularity, comfort level, limousine length, ride quality, performance, cost.

In any case, a lot of work and talent of a whole galaxy of specialists, from designers to mechanics, is invested in their development - and all in order to bring to light another masterpiece of the automotive industry.

We bring to your attention the rating of the best representatives of this class of cars, compiled on the basis of taking into account the maximum number of factors.

Lincoln Excalibur

Topping the list of limousines was a limited edition car from 1990-1998. The chic appearance in retro style seems to take you back to the 50s of the last century, the post-war renaissance with its craving for outrageous luxury.

The designers used classic lines to make the limousine feel like an elite collectible car that everyone would like to take a picture of next to, and even more so to ride on it.

Currently available as a used copy with relatively low mileage and guaranteed to have features such as a modern flat screen TV, leather corner sofa, DVD player, minibar and beautiful neon lighting. The layout of the cabin is thought out so well that it involves holding receptions and other entertainment or business events right inside the limousine.

You can be sure that once inside this luxury car, you will get a lot of unforgettable impressions, supported by positive emotions.

Hammer h3

It would seem that military bearing and luxury are incompatible concepts. But Hammer h3 debunks this claim. Huge, powerful and uncompromising - this is about him. A direct descendant of the HMMWV military off-road vehicle, a mandatory attribute of all US special forces ground operations, boasts the same indestructible suspension, as well as good cross-country ability - a quality that will be useful on Russian roads.

And if you're looking for the coolest limousine in the world, this is without a doubt the Hammer h3. But the impressive dimensions and advantages arising from the frame structure of the car are not its only advantages. Strict monumental appearance is adjacent here to the luxurious interior decoration, as well as very worthy equipment. 180 cm of cabin height is enough to ensure the maximum level of comfort, the length here can be different, but the limousine can easily take on board up to 30 people. This allows you to comfortably move between the objects of a large company.

Hammer h3 is one of the few models of limousines with doors that open upwards, external lighting will create an unforgettable effect in the evening. Inside, everything is done so that the stay in the car is not boring. Beautiful neon lighting is complemented by panoramic LCD glazing, visually expanding the boundaries of the cabin. The mirrored floor and ceiling serve the same purpose. Limousine passengers have the opportunity to use the multi-tiered marble bars, private areas, and high-definition LCD TVs. Here you can even arrange a disco, fortunately, the powerful audio system, supplemented by a disco set of club lasers, will allow you to fully enjoy high-quality sound. In a word, renting such a limousine can be the culmination of any celebration.

Lincoln Town Car

It just so happens that the American brand Lincoln has become the most productive in terms of designing luxury and large cars. When German automakers just started developing the first limousine models, the Lincoln Town Car had already gained considerable popularity in its homeland and even received the label “land yacht” for its size and comfort.

The history of the model, which occupies the third place in the list of the best limousines, begins in the 20s of the last century. That, the first limousine, had a closed salon and an open driver's compartment. After decades of neglect, the car was resurrected at 1959 based on the Lincoln Continental, and then turned from a limousine into a sedan. And already on the basis of the latter, a modern limousine with a powerful 200-horsepower engine was produced in limited quantities, capable of accelerating a massive car to the first “hundred” in 9.2 seconds. At the same time, the car is distinguished by a soft ride and a premium level of comfort in the cabin. At the service of 9-12 passengers - a pair of mirrored bars, separate climate control, a chic leather interior, 3 TVs, a powerful speaker system, a disco ceiling - in a word, everything you need for a comfortable pastime.

Chrysler 300

Gigantomania is the hallmark of the American auto industry. Today, for the sake of current trends, this trend is not so obvious, however, another model of a limousine clearly demonstrates how strongly the desire for records is developed in the United States. Indeed, a car with a nine-meter base made it possible to create a limousine with a capacity of up to 12 people, but dimensions and capacity are not the main trump card of the Chrysler 300. When creating it, paramount attention was paid to factors such as handling, reliability, comfort and safety of passengers.

It is for these qualities that the model received many prestigious awards, firmly settling in the top of the ratings of the best limousines. A spacious interior with leather upholstery, a laser floor and a ceiling, a spacious bar, doors that open upwards will make a trip in a limousine really comfortable and memorable. Given that under the hood of the car is a powerful 250-horsepower power unit, you will be able to enjoy the local beauties, regardless of the purpose for which you rented this luxury limousine.

Infiniti QX 56

The premium Japanese brand could hardly be considered as such, if there were no limousine in its assortment, because in the Land of the Rising Sun the attitude to luxury and comfort is appropriate. And since this country is associated with advanced technologies in the automotive industry, it is not surprising that the Infiniti QX 56 is literally stuffed with the most modern electronics, has an ultra-modern exterior, and the interior is trimmed with the most expensive and exclusive materials.

The inclusion of the car in the top 10 best limousines is also due to the presence of a powerful five-liter power unit, and the use of the famous Nissan Patrol SUV as the base model makes the QX 56 the king of city streets.

Available in 10 meters (for 20 passengers) and 14 meters (for 29 passengers) versions. The limousine boasts high ceilings, power sliding doors, huge flat-screen TVs, panoramic windows and other luxury attributes that are inherent in VIP-class cars.

Cadillac Escalade

Another representative of the American automobile industry can rightfully be called one of the most beautiful serial limousines on the planet. The huge dimensions of the car coexist in it with an elegant silhouette, and the interior equipment is made at the highest level. At the service of passengers of a limousine with a capacity of 18-25 people - leather upholstery, an abundance of chrome, a panoramic roof, neon lighting, interior elements inlaid with Swarovski crystals and variable ceiling heights - these are the secrets of the success of a car that offers maximum comfort and luxury.

Among the options is equipment for generating stage smoke, there is even a device for launching fireballs (not real ones, of course). In short, the Cadillac Escalade can be called the perfect car for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other entertainment and celebrations.

As you can see, limousines are a separate "higher caste" in the classification of cars. The release of some of the models included in the rating has already been discontinued, some are assembled in small batches, but in any case they can be purchased with zero or minimal mileage, because such cars are not designed for daily use. However, in any major city it is possible to order a luxury limousine rental. And each of them has its own "chips" that make it exclusive and unique.

The most popular limousine - a review from Limo-Exclusive

According to statistics, the most popular limousine in Moscow is the Hummer h3 limousine. Why are Hammer limousines so attractive for those who want to rent a limousine for a wedding, anniversary or other festive and solemn event?

Limousine based on Hammer h3 - The most popular in Moscow

Hammers have always been the personification of unprecedented power and, of course, luxury, and therefore for many years they have deservedly been in the greatest demand among luxury lovers. Perhaps due to the unceasing interest, Hummer limousine rental applications are breaking all records today. According to the available data that we have collected from different companies, every third person who applied for a limousine rental now orders a Hammer Limousine, and it is with regard to the Hammer limousine that we can safely say that this is the most popular limousine in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Inside a roomy limousine Hammer h3

As mentioned above, Hummers have been in great demand for many years, but one interesting feature can be distinguished here. Previously, right after the companies gave the opportunity to the public to rent these limousines, these cars were used mainly for entertainment purposes - for parties and birthdays, and other celebrations.

Now Hummers have become just a universal car for any occasion, they are ordered as the main car of a wedding convoy or for a car ride with respected and profitable clients.

Hummer Limousine — Value for Money

Why Hummer Limousine as the most popular limousine has become the best choice? And why is it so versatile today, when the choice of various limousines breaks all records? First of all, because this brand of cars is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Huge wheels and a huge shiny steel grille always attract interested glances.

Popular spacious Limo-Exclusive Hummer limousine

The convenience of limousines of this brand is also an additional incentive to order them. In Hummers, ease of landing is guaranteed by special thresholds located in front of the doors. Even the most elegant bride or girl in a long ball gown will have no difficulty getting in or out of such a car. In addition to all of the above - an impressive twelve-meter body. As a result, we have the appearance of an ideal maximum capacity car for any celebration.

The most popular limousine for large companies

Limousine Hummer is the most popular limousine for large companies. If you need to transport a large number of guests with maximum comfort around Moscow, then the Hummer limousine is your best choice. Some models of Hummer limousines can accommodate up to 30 passengers, and the interior trim and the number of luxury options in it just rolls over compared to other models.

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