Black and white limousines

Black or White Limousine for your Wedding

Weddings are some of the most special and important experiences that people can undergo, especially since these types of events do not happen to people on a regular basis. These types of events can be a rarity, especially since the expectation is that people who experience marriage may not be able to experience it again, especially not with the same person. This is probably the reason why a lot of people go to great lengths to create the wedding of their dreams, which is why a lot of them try to make it as special and as memorable as possible. One way that this can be achieved is through the use of limousines for the event, especially for the newlywed couple.

With the various types and kinds of and limousine service companies available for people to choose from, it is impossible to not find the one that would best fit your needs. For events such as weddings, however, there are two types of limousines that are commonly used, and they are white and black limousines. Although the differences of these two types of limousines are often debated, these two have basically the same extravagant and standard amenities for their customers, such as passenger privacy, entertainment options, lush interiors, different vehicle styles, as well as various packages. However, the discrepancy between their use still indicates that there is a major difference between the two.

Advantages And Disadvantages

White limousines are better associated with wedding events mainly due to their color, making them a more traditional choice for couples who are interested in hiring a limousine service for their wedding. This type of limousine is thought to be the best type of limousine for weddings mainly due to certain considerations, one of which is how the color of the limousine complements not only the bride, but the entire theme of the event as well. The white color of the vehicle allows the car to have a coordinated look with the bride's white gown, and it also allows for a much better looking picture and is a beautiful contrast to the photographs, especially when set against the church and its environment. The white color also allows the car to be easily decorated with flowers or streamers, making the colors pop-out.

Unfortunately, white limousines are more expensive as compared to black limousines, which is mainly due to the fact that black limousines have a much greater demand than the white ones. Also, the white color makes it easier for dirt and grime to be very noticeable, making it a problem, especially on days with very bad, rainy and muddy weathers.

Black limousines, on the other hand, although not commonly used on weddings, can be used as a substitute for white limousines, especially if you are looking for a type of limousine that is cheaper, but is still elegant and appropriate for the event. Since black limousines are more common, they are a less expensive than white limousines, and are easier to reserve, especially in popular wedding dates. However, these types of limousines are sometimes harder to come by during prom seasons, or on seasons when there is a high demand for them. And although dirt and grime do not translate to this type of color more as compared to white limousines, these things still are able to diminish the visual impact of the luxury vehicle nonetheless.

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Rent of limousines from 2500 rubles per hour

Rent of limousines in Golden Limo: a car for your holiday

A solemn event is coming and you need a presentable car? An excellent solution is to rent a limousine in Yekaterinburg. Wedding, business meeting, corporate party or anniversary will be remembered even better if you order a limousine. Beautiful and cozy interior, stereo system, climate control and other amenities will make the trip as comfortable as possible.

When do you need a limousine?

Our limousine fleet makes it easy to find the right model for you. Here are Lincolns and Chryslers that are relevant for wedding celebrations. And if there is a fun party coming up, why not come there on a Megahamer, and then the party will start already on the road!

Limousines are often booked for weddings. Such a car is able to decorate a holiday, and not only on the day of its holding. Photos from the celebration are beautiful and bright. And the limousine ride itself brings pleasure to both guests and newlyweds.

It is not uncommon to book a limousine for a meeting with business partners. A presentable and luxurious car makes the proper impression and indicates success. Thanks to this, it can play a role in concluding profitable deals. It is not necessary to rent a car for the whole day, in our company you can order a limousine for an hour. In this case, you can not only get to the right place with comfort, but also make an impression. Ordering a limousine as a taxi is a service for special occasions.

Another option is to celebrate a holiday, spend a bachelor or bachelorette party right in the car! For this purpose, a party bus is suitable - a cross between a limousine and a bus. Audio and video systems, dance floor, lighting equipment will turn the trip into a full-fledged party. The car has a bar counter, a refrigerator for drinks, a heating system and air conditioning for the greatest comfort.

Benefits of renting with us

Renting a car with Golden Limo, you can be sure of the high quality of the service. At the same time, the price remains affordable, and discounts are provided for complex orders. But there are other advantages of our company:

  • Regularly updated car fleet, all cars are in excellent condition. We strictly monitor the technical condition of our machines.
  • Drivers with great experience, thanks to which the trip will be comfortable and safe. Drivers are ready to fulfill the wishes of customers.
  • Low cost of the service, since all cars are the property of the company, and this excludes intermediary margins.

With a large fleet of vehicles, you will be able to pick up a car that will fully meet your requirements. We have cars designed for a different number of seats - from 7 to 35. It is possible to rent a limousine in Yekaterinburg inexpensively if your budget is limited, or order a premium class car for a higher price.

How to order a limousine?

Ordering a car is not difficult. To do this, leave a request on the site, and we will call you back. Our managers will help you in choosing a limousine and answer all your questions. We will take into account all your wishes and will make sure that they are satisfied. If you need to make changes to your plans, we will respond promptly.

Order a limousine for an identity or a business meeting, and your guests will definitely appreciate and remember this event for a long time. And using the services of the Golden Limo company, you can be sure that everything will go according to the highest class - you will be provided with a luxury car in excellent condition, and the drivers will satisfy all the requirements and wishes.

White limousines for weddings

White limousines for weddings

Rent of limousines in Moscow

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Limousines > Articles > White limousines for weddings

fairy tale extravaganza or gangster party. The fantasy of the "young" is no longer limited by the framework of traditions and foundations imposed by someone or the desire to be "like everyone else." But not a single wedding celebration can do without an exclusive bride's outfit and a luxurious procession with a limousine at the head. And if the bride decided on what her own dress should be while still a schoolgirl, then future spouses need help in choosing a limousine.
Often the choice of the color of the main car is based on children's ideas about the prince on a white horse, but it is better to choose a wedding limousine model based on the style of the celebration. After all, this festive attribute on wheels is not only a means of transporting the bride, groom and their loved ones, but also a full-fledged decoration that sets the mood and creates an atmosphere. This is probably why the future spouses go to a new life in a white car.

Luxury car for a luxury celebration

If you are planning a wedding in a classic style, then there is no better car than a snow-white limousine resembling a beautiful ship. Only he will fully correspond to the splendor of the situation, personifying joy, purity of intentions and bright expectations of happiness. In addition, it looks festive and luxurious and does not need any additional decoration with ribbons and balls.

A white limousine is indispensable if you decide to arrange an Oscar-style wedding, a social event or a celebration in an old noble estate. For the latter option, by the way, a white retro limousine, such as the luxurious Excalibur Phantom, can be quite appropriate. A traditional wedding procession can be led by white Chrysler 300C or limousines. Or maybe you will like the Hummer SUV limousine.

By the way, numerous studies show that most couples still prefer white limousines , because only they are directly associated with the wedding.

Into a new life in a white limousine

Shining white limousine is suitable for absolutely all ages - that's why it's a classic! The romantic color will emphasize the tenderness of young lovers and will become the basis of the wedding style for newlyweds of elegant age. In addition, psychologists say that white cars are chosen by aesthetes who strive for impeccability and purity of relationships, because white is the color of an ideal, a dream, aspirations for beauty. Is it possible to wish for something more on your wedding day?
You can choose two separate white limousines for the bride and groom to drive in style to the registry office or the location of the outdoor ceremony. After the official part of the celebration comes to an end, the spouses will be waiting for one car for two - a snow-white "liner", on which they will go to a brighter future.

Renting a pink limousine is a great solution for any bright holiday!

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The longest limousine

The longest limousine was invented in hot California. Judge for yourself: twenty-six wheels and two driver's cabs, front and rear, like an electric train. As for the length, it is 30.5 meters. The salon has everything for a comfortable stay: a solarium, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a spacious comfortable bed. In addition, this limousine is equipped with a round satellite dish. Once in his salon, you will not be bored!

The tallest limousine

In 1998, the tallest limousine in the world was assembled in Australia. This huge car reaches a height of 3.33 meters or 10 feet 11 inches. With its size, this monster of the automotive industry is also impressive in speed - the giant quickly accelerates to 145 km / h.

And this huge limousine is an airplane. Its manufacturer is Limousines de Guadalajara Vaca Meters. On the basis of the liner, which had its tail and wings cut off, a limousine appeared, which weighs six tons. Its length is eighteen meters, and it looks very impressive. A well-coordinated team of mechanics, sixty people, created this miracle of automotive technology for three months. The most powerful six-cylinder diesel engine allows the car to reach speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. And in the original salon of an extraordinary limousine, you can find a bar with neon lights, an audio and video system and a full-fledged dance floor. Fifty passengers are comfortably accommodated inside.

The fastest limousine

And the world's fastest limousine was assembled in the UK. It was designed by Manchester resident Dan Cowley, based on a Ferrari. What did he get? Six-meter limousine for eight seats. The success of this car is reflected in the pages of the Guinness Book of Records, two times. After all, the first: this is the fastest of all limousines, and the second: this is the longest Ferrari in the world. It's no joke - in six seconds the car picks up speed ninety-six km / h. and in general it is capable of accelerating to 265 km per hour.

The heaviest limousine

Among the heavyweight limousines, the absolute record was won by the Soviet Union. The ZIL-41047 brand limousine, which carried the first president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, weighed more than six tons. Basically, he added weight to the armor of seven centimeters, designed to protect the president from assassination attempts.

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American scientists after a series of studies concluded that convertibles harm motorists. It turns out that driving in an open-top car contributes to hearing loss.

In the course of the experiment, the scientists tested the sound volume level in convertibles of five brands, which were moving at speeds from 88 to 120 kilometers per hour. As it turned out, the type of engine installed on the car does not really matter. Exceptionally in all cases, the noise produced by the car is the same. At a speed of 88 kilometers per hour - it was a noise of 85 decibels (for comparison, the same noise level at a construction site). With an increase in speed to 120 kilometers, the noise level reached 100 decibels. Such noise is unacceptable for the driver, who may eventually lose his hearing.

By the way, if you increase the speed of the convertible to 140 kilometers or more, then the noise level will be equal to the noise of a jet engine.

Based on the experiments carried out, the researchers concluded that in order to avoid health problems, drivers of convertibles should drive with an open top at a speed not exceeding 83.5 kilometers per hour. The noise level at this speed is completely safe for the human ear.

Book your cabriolet now!

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Order a limousine for a meeting from the hospital

The best way to express admiration and gratitude to the mother of your newly born child is, of course, to meet her with brilliance from the hospital. And what can help in this as much as renting a limousine? It is the limousine that will create a beautiful and at the same time touching atmosphere when you are discharged from the hospital.

Limousine for transfer in Moscow

Limousine is perhaps the most suitable car not only for ordering a limousine for a wedding, but also for transfer to the airport, train station or river port, if you need to meet a friend (s) or partners there , colleagues. This is a great way to honor them with attention and create a great impression of yourself and the city. Moscow seems completely different when you look at it through the window of a limousine. Ordering a limousine will create a positive image and deprive you of unnecessary problems associated with moving around the city and the bustle of public transport.

Limousine for a wedding

Undoubtedly, among other purposes for which a limousine is ordered from us, wedding escort is in the lead. And this is not only because the newlyweds want to show off luxury by ordering a limousine for their wedding - this is an inexpensive, but very practical service. A wedding limousine allows you to solve several problems at once: decorating cars (since our company takes care of decorating limousines), moving guests (due to the large capacity of the limousine, many cars are not required), extra costs, etc.

Order a limousine for business meetings

Business in our country is developing quickly and efficiently. And, as you know, Moscow is the center of everything that happens in Russia. Perhaps that is why the service of ordering a limousine for business meetings, presentations, negotiations is in great demand. In the interior of the limousine you are guaranteed privacy, tranquility and the opportunity to relax in comfortable chairs. Plasma screens will allow you to make an effective presentation, and a trip to the most beautiful places in Moscow will make your business meeting much more enjoyable.

Limousines for corporate events

Corporate events are an inseparable and important part of the life of any company. And if you are planning a professional holiday or an anniversary of the company, ordering a limousine will be able to emphasize the peculiarity of the event. By ordering a great limousine for a corporate event, you can show your colleagues your appreciation for the excellent work and show that you really appreciate them. These luxurious vehicles will transport employees to the venue of the gala banquet, creating a special mood and setting the tone for the entire evening.

Birthday Limousine

Birthday is a special occasion. It repeats every year, and for sure you want this time to be different from last year. It's possible! A good alternative to the usual party at home or in a restaurant is to celebrate a birthday in a limousine. Have you ever had a birthday like this? Your friends will be pleasantly surprised, and you will feel like a real hero of the day. In the salon of one of our limousines, you can organize light meals and celebrate your most unusual birthday with the clink of glasses. You can choose a graceful Lincoln to celebrate in a warm atmosphere with your loved ones or a huge Hummer - a real disco on wheels for a noisy and big party.

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